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We started Putting on the New as a way to talk about our walk with God. We wanted to share all of it, the ups and downs, the celebrations, and especially the lessons.

We believe that the more diverse the voices here are, the better for all of us. Do you have some faith-filled life lessons you’d like to share? Please read more about us and why we’re calling Putting on the New. 

We accept posts about the Christian life. It’s as simple as that. We don’t have hard and fast guidelines, although most posts are about 500-700 words long.

POTN write for us

Some posts of our most recent post are about things going on in pop culture and how they relate to us, some are about our walk with God and how He changes us, others are about difficult things that people might not like to talk about, or how we deal with things like envy, and still others are about the people who have influenced us in our faith.

We share a wide variety of things.

Here’s more about our blog’s personality:

  • We’re women-centric. (We feel that women have a unique walk with the Lord.)
  • If you’re an author, you can talk about your books in passing, but we’re not a promotional site.
  • We’re not political. We’re about God, not who to vote for.
  • We share our experience as a way to encourage. We believe we can learn from each other, so why not share the things God has taught us?
  • We’re here to lift each other up, not tear others down. We don’t preach by pointing out the wrongs of others. We focus on making our walk with Him stronger, knowing all good things come from God.


What Do You Get:

  • We’re not able to pay at this point. But you do get a two-line bio that goes at the end of every post you write which can have a link to your website or books. You’ll also get a full bio page that you can add anything you want to.
  • This site has steadily grown since it inception, although our focus is on writing posts that God puts on our heart. So we try not to pay attention to pageviews. (Hard for us modern blogger people, I know!)
  • You’ll join a team and will benefit from lifting each other up.


What Do We Need?

  • Regular columnists that can commit to six months or a year with one post a month. Posts should be about 500 words, and you can contact me to find out where to send them. Got a picture? Great. If not, no problem.
  • Only original posts and writing accepted. (Thou shall not steal from the blogosphere.)