Lisa Betz

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Lisa Betz bio

Lisa Betz writes from an empty nest perched on a wooded Pennsylvania hillside. She believes that ordinary women, even over-fifty introverts with no impressive credentials, can make a big difference. To this end, she tries to be a voice of hope, encouragement and occasional silliness in this often discouraging world.

Lisa has always loved stories, but didn’t consider herself a writer until she took a writing course on a whim. After years of dabbling, and much affirmation from writing mentors, she now takes her God-given skill seriously. Besides her historical suspense work-in-progress, she has written humor articles, drama sketches, and a full-length play.

In addition to writing, Lisa is a veteran Bible study leader with a passion for understanding the history and cultures of Bible times. She also enjoys reading, hiking, directing dramas, and baking decadent chocolate desserts.

To learn more about Lisa Betz, visit her on Facebook, Twitter, and her blog, Lisa’s Musings.