Jesus Is In Control Of The Fiercest Storm

Jesus Is In Control Of The Fiercest Storm

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Do you remember when Jesus was asleep in the boat and suddenly a furious storm began buffeting the disciple’s boat?  This wasn’t an ordinary storm; this was the unpredictable type that would appear suddenly and become out of control.  It was big enough to make seasoned, professional fishermen believe that they were going to die.

The incident is described in Matthew 8:23-27.  The disciples were frantically trying to keep the boat under control as huge waves “swept over the boat.”  They were probably asking questions such as:

Why would Jesus tell us to cross to the other side of the lake?   If He’s so powerful, wasn’t He aware a storm was coming?

How can Jesus be sleeping so soundly while our boat is being tossed about?  Doesn’t He care about us?”

Sounds a little familiar to me!   I’ve asked similar questions when facing life’s storms.

Why would God lead me into a situation knowing a storm was coming?

If He is so powerful, didn’t He know this situation was going to blow up?

Where is He anyway?  My boat is about to sink!  Doesn’t He care?

Finally, when the situation seems hopeless, you and I cry out just as the disciples did, “Lord, save us.  We’re going to drown!”

Jesus’ response to fear

When we flounder with weak faith during a storm, Jesus’ response to us is the same as His response to the disciples. “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?”  Jesus knew the disciples had faith but He was disappointed that their faith was weakened by their fear.

Jesus is always in control

Just then, Jesus got up and “rebuked the wind and the waves, and it was completely calm.”

What is so amazing is that with His words, Jesus calmed the wind and all of the underlying currents that were tossing the boat around.  The disciples were experienced fishermen.  They knew that after a storm, even when the winds die down, the aftermath of underwater currents could take hours to settle down and be calm again.  What a shock it must have been that the unseen currents immediately were completely still.  In other words, Jesus not only calmed the storm but also the effects of the storm’s aftermath.

The disciples were amazed and filled with awe.  What kind of man can command nature?  They knew Jesus was powerful, but this miracle took them to a new level of faith.  The realization that Jesus had control over nature caused them to see Jesus for who He really is.  After all, who else can command the wind and waves except the One who created it?  It’s one thing to have healing powers and give the blind their sight, but control of this earth?  That’s powerful!

Jesus allowed the storm in order to show the disciples His glory, raise their level of faith and give them understanding of His power over all things.

Have you faced Jesus at the end of a trial with great amazement that Jesus saved you from the storm and its effects?


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  1. I’m not a fan of storms, but I do love the awe of looking back and seeing God’s hand at work. He is able. Always.

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