Walking in the Gospel of Peace

Walking in the Gospel of Peace

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And having shod your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace (Ephesians 6:15 NKJV).

My dad spent over 40 years working as a butcher. He wore a certain pair of shoes  for work because his feet picked up the grease and meat particles that spilled on the floor of the butcher shop. At home, Dad put on different shoes so the meaty ones wouldn’t get worn into the house.

Our dog, Rascal,  sat waiting every afternoon until Dad drove into the yard. As soon as my father’s feet touched the ground Rascal scrambled to follow those shoes. The dog’s tongue licked the grease off the leather before my dad got to the door. Those butcher shop shoes carried meat with them wherever they went and the smell attracted our dog to follow. Rascal wanted what those shoes contained.

Wearing the armor described in Ephesians, outfits us as a warrior for Christ. Our head is protected by salvation, our heart with righteousness and we hold up the shield of faith to quench those fiery darts from the enemy. Truth holds it all together and the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God, helps us pray and watch with perseverance.

The pieces of armor we wear at the bottom are shoes. They take us places. We wear our armor, carry the shield and Sword, but we walk and work in our shoes. Paul told us to be prepared to take the gospel wherever we go. Without the shoes, the message the armor represents goes nowhere.

My dad’s shoes walked in the the residue of his workplace. Every time he put on those shoes, the scent of meat followed. A heart  prepared with the gospel will leave the scent of the message of peace wherever the footsteps fall. Those who are hungry for God will want what those shoes leave behind.

As I wear my spiritual armor each day, I will think about how prepared my feet are to go out into the world and leave the meat of the gospel with each step I take.

I hope and pray I will learn to walk wearing meaty shoes.





Barbara Latta About Barbara Latta

Barbara Latta’s desire is to help others find intimacy with God through a deeper understanding of the power of the Word. She writes a monthly column in her local newspaper and contributes to devotional websites and several anthologies. Her first book, God's Maps, Stories of Inspiration and Direction for Motorcycle Riders was released in March, 2018 and is available at Amazon. She serves as Chaplain for the Word Weavers Madison, Georgia chapter. Barbara posts on her blog.


  1. The picture you have painted kind of repulses me (the dog licking the soles of meat-infused shoes), but you’re absolutely right! May our gospel-shod path be just as attractive to those who are seeking answers to life as your dad’s meaty trail was to the dog!

    • Sorry, Linda, for painting a repulsive scene! When I read your comment I realized how the dog word picture could come across that way when read. I certainly didn’t intend to offend anyone, but I appreciate your honesty. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. Many blessings! Barbara

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