I Have Doubt

I Have Doubt

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While watching the morning news today, a local Priest made a statement about the Catholic Church and its handling of Priests who had been accused of inappropriate behavior with minors, he said, “lose faith in the Church but never lose faith in Jesus.”

In the movie Doubt, the head Nun made a statement at the end of the movie that has always puzzled me. In her distress she cried out, “I have doubt!” I’ve always wondered exactly what did she mean by that statement, “was she doubting her certainty that the Priest had done something wrong as it relates to the boy, was she doubting that the Church Authorities would actually handle the matter in a way that brought about real change or justice for the boy, or was she doubting her faith?”

I think we can relate. At some point in time, we all have had moments in our faith walk where we’ve experienced doubt. Whether it be doubt in God, doubt in our church, doubt in ourselves or simple doubt in the human-race – this phenomenon is not foreign. Doubt is a real human emotion that we should not be ashamed to own.

The Priest’s simple yet profound statement, “lose faith in the Church, but never lose faith in Christ” is more real now than it has ever been. My takeaway is that regardless of what is going on in the Church or in the World that we should remain focused on Jesus.

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