Who is Applying Your Label?

Who is Applying Your Label?

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You were bought with a price; do not become slaves of men. I Corinthians 7:23

We’ve all got them in our lives—people who label us.

Sometimes the labels are good.

“You’re so smart.”

“You’re so beautiful.”

“You’re so organized…




These are the labels we like to hear—whether they’re true or not. They have a seductive quality, inviting us to congratulate ourselves on what we’ve accomplished.

Sometimes the labels are bad.

“You’re so selfish.”

“You’ll never amount to anything.”

“You’re such a liar…

“a betrayer…



Unlike the positive ones, these labels can devastate us. The echos of these take residence in our souls, providing a haunting refrain as we try to follow God’s path.

We can’t get away from a world that seeks to define us, hanging labels on us for everyone to see. And although we know we shouldn’t, if we’re not careful, we can begin to view ourselves through the filters of others.

But let’s talk about labels from a manufacturing perspective. When goods are manufactured, there are only two sources that have the legal right to label something.

The one who manufactured the goods, and

The one who bought the goods.

That concept holds just as true for us as believers. Only two people have the authority and the right to label us.

The One who created us, and

The One who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

These two also have labels for us.

“You are precious.”

“You are loved.”

“You are Mine.”

Today I challenge you to join me as I banish the false labels (and the false labelers) and focus on the only two who have the right to define me.

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Edie Melson—author, blogger, speaker— is the author of numerous books. She’s encouraged and challenged audiences across the country and around the world in person and on the web. Connect with her on www.EdieMelson.com and on Twitter.


  1. Thought provoking post. Only two people can label us – the one that created us and the one who paid for our freedom. Love it!

  2. Laurie Driesen says:

    I love what you said about the One who created us and the One who paid the price for us. We need to realize that how people label us is not valid – and only accept what God says about us. Thank you for that message!

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