Uncontainable Joy

Uncontainable Joy

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How joyful is the man
the Lord will never charge with sin!
Romans 4:8 (HCSB)
 When I think about uncontainable joy I think of a puppy – full of cheer, squirming uncontrollably with excitement and love for their master. A few years ago, there was a chocolate lab puppy that I saw from time to time that lives in our neighborhood. Whenever I saw him, he was full of joy.
I can’t help but feel that’s the way we are supposed to be, especially those who have Christ in their hearts. Any time of year is a great time to celebrate all Christ has done for us. He has taken our sins away and provides the only way for us to go to heaven.
I’ve been thinking a lot about joy lately. To be honest, at times it can be a bit elusive. But my prayer is that even in the tough times I will choose to seek joy. Each time I see a puppy, I’ll think about my need to be joyful no matter what circumstances I face.
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Jodie Wolfe loves to stroll through history with the characters she creates. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading and walking.


  1. And along with your observations, I think of how Jesus told us to be like little children. Then we will be in awe of our surroundings, the world will be new and fun to explore.

  2. Great reminder, Linda. Thanks for stopping by!

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