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We make choices every day … but are they always the right ones?

We went to the Chinese buffet the other day, and after the meal—where I ate way too much—the server brought the bill on a little tray with a fortune cookie for each of us. When I broke mine open, I saw this:

Today it’s okay to make a few choices by going with your instincts.

Well, okay, I thought. That’s nice. I stuck it in my jacket pocket and forgot about it. Until I decided to do some laundry. Going through all the pockets before dropping them into the washer, I found it again. Only this time I read it focusing on two words …  make choices. 

We all find ourselves in uncomfortable, sometimes difficult, often unwanted and unwelcome situations. We get irritable and overreact, ending up with hurt feelings. It’s painful to try to undo the damage.   

Sometimes these situations are out of our control. There’s little we can do about them. But we CAN control how we react to them.

After finding that tiny slip of paper again, I realized that I have not been reacting well to the situation I’m in, and I’m ashamed of myself.

Lord, forgive me for acting badly about this. Give me strength and wisdom to deal with it as You would have me to do.

Peg Phifer About Peg Phifer

Multi-published author Peggy Blann Phifer writes a mixture of contemporary women’s fiction with three parts suspense, three parts mystery, and four parts romance, stirred up with a sprinkling of humor. Peg believes God has a sense of humor and that He intended to place laughter into our lives no matter our circumstances. Read more on her website.

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