The Power Within You

The Power Within You

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Attention all Christians:  This is a reminder that the amazing, powerful Holy Spirit lives inside of you!  Why do we need to be reminded?  Because as we go through life’s ups and downs, we may forget…. or take for granted …. or simply not understand the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within us.

The Holy Spirit is God Himself, living inside of us.  The same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives within us, but do we really comprehend this? Sometimes I have trouble grasping it because I feel like I’m so small and frail that I just have a little bit of the Spirit, after all, that’s about all that will fit inside of me!  But no, that’s not the case.  Christians are indwelt by the Holy Spirit… we don’t have just a few drops of Him or only a little piece of Him.

Jesus promised that He would send Believers the Holy Spirit to take up permanent residence within us.  We are sealed by the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 1:13); He doesn’t come and go depending on our faith or actions.  We can quench Him and even grieve Him by our lack of faith or our sinful choices, but He will never abandon us.  If we feel empty of the Holy Spirit or we aren’t experiencing a victorious life, Ephesians 5:18 tells us that we need to be filled with the Holy Spirit.  Being filled with the Spirit is what we should pray for and strive for by doing the following:

  • Repenting and turning away from known sin, sinful habits and lifestyles.
  • Praying to God and developing our personal relationship with Him.
  • Studying the Bible and being obedient to His Word.
  • Surrendering our wills to Jesus and being available to serve Him.
  • Setting our minds on the things of the Spirit (Colossians 3:1-2).

God has chosen to use us, His people, to carry out His will and accomplish His mission here on earth.  But how can He use sinful, fragile vessels to carry out His mighty purposes?  By living inside of us, cleansing us of sin, teaching us His ways and giving us the strength we need to do His will.   It’s unbelievable but true!  The Holy Spirit works through us, purifying us and strengthening us so that we can carry out God’s will.

Do you feel powerless over sin or challenges in your life?  The Holy Spirit wants to work powerfully in you and through you.  Whenever I feel a little “un-victorious,” I know I have to examine my life, confess anything that I know is wrong, and get into God’s Word.  The Holy Spirit works mightily through the Word of God to change me, fill me with faith and strengthen me once again to accomplish what God calls me to do.  This is the ongoing work and ministry of the Holy Spirit.  I don’t understand Him completely but I am in awe of his power!

Note to non-Believers:  God promises us that if we confess our sins and believe in His Son, Jesus, He will give us His Holy Spirit (John 1:12, 14:15).

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God?”  1 Corinthians 6:19


Laurie Driesen About Laurie Driesen

Laurie Driesen is a writer, entrepreneur and business owner. Her passion is to encourage and strengthen people's faith by sharing the truth of God's Word through her writing. In her recently published book, Beyond Regret - Living Your Life Purpose in Spite of Past Choices, Laurie shares how God uses our mistakes and detours to lead us into His will and accomplish His true purpose for our lives. Check out her website for more.


  1. It is hard to comprehend with out limited physical minds how the God of the universe can live inside us; but yes he does! You are right that we limit that power by not tapping into what he gave us. Thanks for your wonderful post!

    • Laurie Driesen says:

      Thank you for your comment Barbara! Unfortunately, many of us spend more time limiting His power than experiencing it. I like how you put it, “tapping” into what He gave us, that’s what we need to be doing!

  2. Great post, Laurie! It’s so easy to forget we have the Spirit of the Eternal God of the Universe living inside us. What a marvelous gift His Spirit is. Thanks for the reminder to carry out His will in this life.

    • Laurie Driesen says:

      Thank you Cynthia! When I think of the Holy Spirit living inside of me, I realize how I really need to live a life worthy of Him.

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