Welcome Home At Last

Welcome Home At Last

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The above words accompanied the beautiful floral bouquet from a cousin when I recently moved back to the Southern area of my birth. Back to my ancestral home of over two hundred years.

I stood at the kitchen window of my newly purchased, little home and thought about the words with the flowers. Welcome home at last. A few years ago my dear husband and I had talked of moving to Tennessee but since he beat me to his eternal home, I am here alone to open a new chapter of my no-longer-young-life. Many friends were thrilled for me; other said outright they would see me back in two years!

My decision to come was steeped in prayer along with feeling the need for change and a deep love of Tennessee’s beautiful, quiet countryside along with its slower-paced lifestyle. Also will say, the opportunity to work closely with my cousin on extensive genealogy factored heavily too. The incredible two-day sale of my house and the uncanny way this little house opened up, plus so many other serendipity happenings, have caused me to believe I’m here for other future purposes. Perhaps more than my own.

For two weeks I have been unpacking, painting, cleaning and attending to the minutiae of uprooting. I still have much to do. On one difficult day, I realized I could handle blood and guts well, but didn’t know a fritter about hot water heaters, electrical problems, and non-working gutter guards. What had I gotten myself into? I had just had a bad day that’s all. The next day was brighter. God’s amazing orchestration of a sweet, peaceful symphony inside my soul was all I needed.

I miss my daughter who left me whimsical love messages everywhere around my house, one of which was drawing designs on the hard-boiled eggs in my fridge. I miss my granddaughter, my two sisters, and other family members, my friends and neighbors, my church. But I love the country feeling of my yard, the outdoor wildlife, the flowers and this sunny ‘work’ room. My cousin and family have helped immensely to settle me in and thankfully, live very close by.

Much is different here for me and I know I have an adjustment, but I’ve renewed friendships, know I will make more. I will find a church home. Kids are coming to visit soon.

A woman is about as happy as she wants to be I believe.


                             The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want.

Psa 23:1

Jude Urbanski About Jude Urbanski

Jude Urbanski’s passions are ‘people and places.’ She writes women's fiction featuring strong inspirational romance elements. Her stories invite you to heroes and heroines who spin tragedy into triumph with help from God. First published in nonfiction, Jude continues to write in this field also. Editing services complete Jude’s repertoire.


  1. Jude,
    You’re on an adventure! I think that’s wonderful. Maybe you’ll stay in Tennessee, maybe you’ll return to be closer to family, but in the meantime, God has a purpose for you where you are. Continue to walk in obedience.

  2. Jude, I applaud you for taking the initiative to embark on this adventure! May God bless you as you face the challenges that you will encounter and fill you with the joy you will find in places you may not even expect it to be!

  3. Patti, I love your second sentence! It is so like God to bless us in such a way.

  4. Mary Jo Martin says:

    I think you are brave to be willing to uproot everything in search of what’s next. How many people stay put because they’re afraid to change? Moving is hard work, definitely, but it sounds like you’re in a lovely place.

  5. Jody, thank you for that vote of confidence! It is lovely here and my roots go deep. I am excited at what God has for me too!

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