Safe in the Downpour

Safe in the Downpour

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by audreycfrank

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety. Psalm 4:8, NIV

I awoke with a start to the sound of heavy, driving rain. Drumming the rooftops and pouring over the eaves of my house, it was as if heaven sought to fill up the earth like an empty vessel. Adrenaline surged through my body as I mentally made a quick run-through of all the rooms of the house and poised to leap out of bed. 

Then I remembered. I am safe now. My house is water-tight.

It has not always been so. For more than a decade I lived in dwellings in Africa that were not waterproof. Our first house had mud walls. Each time the rains came during monsoon season, the whitewashed walls dripped with red-brown mud as invading rivulets of water flowed through crevices and cracks in the tin roof.

Our next house had an open courtyard, covered partially with a dilapidated fiberglass covering, and the windows had no glass. Water flowed freely through the middle of the floor when it rained. There were many nights the sound of rain awakened us, forcing us out of bed to frantically scurry around pushing furniture back from windows and rescuing precious things like paper and books away from holes in the roof. We always made sure our children were tucked safely in the only dry corners of the house.

The sound of the storm that once caused panic now leads me to peace. I remember I am now safe and sound inside a strong house with no leaks. I can listen to the sound of the storm and let it lull me back to sleep like a baby safe in her mother’s arms no matter the clamor around her. 

Our God is a refuge for us, the only One who makes us truly dwell in safety. As I remind my panicked heart it is safe and dry, snuggling back down into the warm refuge of my down comforter, I remind my soul it is safe in the arms of God, no matter what my earthly dwelling looks like. 

Dear Lord, when the rains beat down on my life, hide me away in the safety of your dwelling place, the place where I can rest no matter the clamor. Help me trust you alone to keep me safe. Amen.

About Audrey Frank

Audrey Frank is an author, speaker, and storyteller. The stories she shares are brave and true. They give voice to those whose words are silenced by shame, the hard things in life that don’t make sense, and the losses that leave us wondering if we will survive. Her upcoming book, From Shame to Honor, is an outpouring of Audrey’s heart to introduce others to the God of Instead. You can also find Audrey at her website, Twitter, and Facebook.

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