The Myth of Doing It All

The Myth of Doing It All

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I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

This was one of the first Bible verses I ever memorized. It was a heady verse for someone like me. Someone who loves to say yes for two reasons— the sheer joy of being involved and the fear others wouldn’t like me if I couldn’t perform. It was also a dangerous combination. Finding this verse fueled my belief that I could say yes to everything, and God would provide a way.

Fast forward several years, and the price of saying yes began to take its toll on my mind and body. I no longer lived a life of joy and victory. Instead I was a slave of over-commitment. And I finally broke. Diagnosed with severe depression and several other mental health challenges it took me months to recover.

It was a painful lesson, and one I had to learn to ever be able to move forward. When forced to give up everything, I thought I’d never get to do anything fun again and that everyone would dislike me. Slowly I began to realize God’s plan didn’t involve me saying yes to every good activity or need I saw.

Now I’m living a much more balanced and joyful life, but I’m still not perfect. There are days I just can’t say no. Fortunately He’s shown me that the things He’s given me weigh no more than a feather, no matter how labor intensive. But when I pick up a job or a burden on my own, no matter how small the time commitment, it weighs more than a ton of bricks. That in itself makes me wary about saying yes without first hearing from God.

These days I’ve learned to ask two questions when I feel overwhelmed.

  • Do I need to lay something down that’s intended for someone else?
  • Am I carrying a load not meant for me?

God’s promise of rest and peace is real, all we have to do is let go.

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  1. Good reflection, Edie. One of my favorite scripture passages, too. It’s so easy to memorize. I like “can do” statements. This passage appealed to my over-achiever self when I first hung it on my wall: I can do ALL things. I learned the “through Him” lesson also meant HIS way, not mine. Easy passage. Hard lesson.

    When we’re feeling overwhelmed, your lay it down question is a good one. So, too “is this load meant for me?” For ordinary moments of choice, I like what my 85-year-old priest friend, Fr. Angelo, told me today that he always asks: Is this going to please you, Lord?

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