A Sure Thing

A Sure Thing

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Approximately ninety million Americans are willing to plunk down their hard-earned cash on the chance of winning big bucks in the lottery. What are the odds? According to Kevin Breuninger of CNBC, something like one in three hundred million for Powerball or Mega Millions! If you’re only looking to win a moderately hefty sum, your chances improve to one in two million, about the same as your chances of being hit by an asteroid.

Yet many of the same people refuse to hand over their lives to God. What are the chances of good things happening, both here and for eternity, by investing in God Himself? One hundred percent! When we present ourselves to Him and plunk down everything we have and everything we are, there is a one-in-one chance for beyond-fabulous treasure. We win God’s lottery.

Many years ago, I knelt at an altar and said, “Here I am, Lord. I trust You to keep Your Word. I will give you all of me, and You will guide my life, teach me Your ways, and send me where You want me to serve. And at the end of my life on earth, You will take me to live with You in heaven.”

I searched the internet for an artist’s rendition of heaven and picked my favorite from www.medium.com. Jesus would probably chuckle and say, “Heaven is far more magnificent.”

If the Bible’s word pictures prove accurate, it’s a sure thing that someday I will wear a crown, live in a mansion, and reside in a brilliant, sparkling clean city. The descriptions may prove inaccurate only because Jesus had no earth-based words to use that could convey the amazing reality of heaven, and the Church residing there with Him. The apostle Paul was allowed a glimpse but not allowed to describe it. Experiences in eternity are beyond what we can comprehend.

It doesn’t matter if I can understand heaven or not. By investing everything I am and have in the lottery called “Christ Follower,” I have the chance to see Jesus face to face. A one-in-one chance. It’s a sure thing.

About Linda Sammaritan

For years, Linda Sammaritan tried to be perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect teacher and crammed so many activities into her days that twenty-four hours couldn’t possibly hold them all – perfectly. She now lives by the motto, “relentlessly eliminate hurry.” Newly retired, Linda keeps the freezer packed with homemade take-out meals for her full- time working husband when she travels to visit children, grandchildren, siblings, and Mom. Read more about her faith and writings at www.lindasammaritan.com.


  1. Laurie Driesen says:

    It is unbelievable that people invest so much of their money and their faith in things that won’t last. It takes more faith to believe some of the things that people focus on than it does to just take God at His Word!

  2. Maybe it’s because you can hold a lottery ticket in your hand, but right now, you can’t see Jesus.

    • Laurie Driesen says:

      Yes! And our flesh wants the chance for money, comfortable life etc…. Whereas our spirit longs for Jesus. Of course, when people are super comfortable, they can find their security in money and comfort and may not feel any need to seek Him. Thanks for shining a light on this subject!

  3. You’re welcome!

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