Stand Up for Your Dignity

Stand Up for Your Dignity

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“Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect, and make everyone else deal with you the same way. ”
– Nikki Giovanni

The interesting word in here is “make.” MAKE everyone else deal with you the same way. If I don’t take a stand for myself, I can’t expect anyone else to stand up for me. That would be imbalanced.

I recently had to take a stand for my integrity in a group where others were choosing power plays over ethical dealings. Was I afraid of going against the grain? No.

Sowing and reaping is a thing, and I don’t want bad energy coming after me. So I stood in my integrity and let the chips fall where they fell.

At the end of the day, I have to look myself in the mirror and say: “Did I treat you with respect? Did I stand up for your dignity?”

I want to answer those questions with a “yes.”

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Preslaysa Williams is a multi-award winning author and actress. Her work centers and celebrates women of color. Visit her online at Or on Facebook and Instagram @preslaysa Or on Twitter @preslaysawrites


  1. Just think what the world would be like if we all decided to respect ourselves! I imagine if we did so, there would be a lot less reason to trample others.

  2. Respect. The world would be a better place if we all showed respect for others and all the blessings God has given us. 🙂

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