Fighting to His Arms

Fighting to His Arms

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I’m hungry and tired, my tongue parched from thirst. I can see it in the distance…an oasis…cool and green, fresh cold water to drink. Ripe fruit hangs from low branches. Next to the rushing stream, a flat rock where I can sit and dangle my feet. And next to that spot…Jesus. His hands are folded. Waiting to open his arms.

But I can’t get there.

Hands grab at me, hold me back. The crowd shouts my name, beckoning, luring. “Come with us.” “This is more important.” “You know you want it.” “This will make you happy.” “You have to do this first.” “You can go there later.” A hand grabs my foot, holds it. I struggle…for a moment. And then I give in.

The noise makes me forget why I was heading toward that far-away scene in the first place. Somehow, the temptations and demands even make me forget my thirst. I slow my steps and let them grab…pieces of my time. Pieces of my soul.

A bad dream? No. Just any given morning on my way to the green chair in the living room with my Bible sitting next to it. 

I’ve heard the quotes about being too busy not to pray. I could preach a sermon on it myself. But actually visualizing the unseen, spiritual struggle was a true breakthrough.

My phone beeps. The dryer timer goes off. I walk past my calendar. Words jump out at me from my to-do list. My laptop with an unfinished  chapter on the screen reminds me of a looming deadline. I pass the wall of family pictures. Have I spent enough time with the grandkids this week? I should call…

And then I picture myself running down a narrow corridor, lined on each side with grasping, cloying hands. And there, way in the distance, sits my Lord, offering all that I need, showing me He is the source of my joy and He alone can give me what I need to handle all the day brings. Some days it feels like a battle as I shove my way through, covering my ears to the cry of things that seem alluring or the shouts that insist I need to cross something off my list…yesterday.

To quote Ann Lamott, “…if the devil can’t make you sin, he’ll keep you busy.”

The battle is so worth fighting. When I finally reach that spot and take a moment to blot out the voices and fix my mind on Christ alone, I am fed, my thirst is quenched. In His arms, I get armed with strength for going back down that corridor and telling some of those voices to be silent and others to wait their turn. I am ready to face the day…and anxious to return tomorrow. In spite of the battle.

Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the schemes of the devil. For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.  Ephesians 6:11 & 12.

I wrote this on Saturday and gave it a different title then yesterday morning in church we sang “Forever Reign” with the chorus that begins “I’m running to your arms.” Gotta love God’s timing. Take a moment to listen. 


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Wisconsin resident Becky Melby is the author of the Lost Sanctuary Series and a dozen other contemporary fiction titles. Married for 43 years, mother of four, grandmother to fifteen, Becky thrives on writing, reading, camping, rides on the back of a silver Gold Wing, and time with family. Connect with her at her website or Facebook.


  1. Tina Dorward says:

    Just what I needed today Becky! Beautifully written.

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