When God Answers, “Not Now”

When God Answers, “Not Now”

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One of the hardest places to be as a Christian is in a holding pattern; or in between seasons. For me personally, I’ve found this season hard because when I was younger in my faith, I always had a hard time discerning the voice of God during these times. I learned from experience, when in a holding pattern, do not make major life moves until I can clearly hear the voice of God directing me.

Recently, I applied to attend a well-respected training program for TV Hosts and was not selec

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ted for this year’s class. I was extremely disappointed because 1) I had prayed about the decision to apply for the program and was confident that I was doing the right thing, 2) I know I’m at a point where I would have ben

efited from the training and 3) my team and I had put quite a bit of work and energy into preparing my materials to submit my application. I was comforted by something that one of my former Pastor’s had said several years ago. He stated that when we pray and ask God for something, he answers in three ways: “yes, no, or not now”.

As I’ve contemplated and prayed about not being accepted into the program, I was comforted with these words, “Terry this is not a no, but a not now”. I would like to encourage everyone out there beliving God for something and you are in a holding pattern wondering if God’s answer is no –  that sometimes God’s answer to us is not a “no,” but “not now”. As I shared in my book, No Longer a Bridesmaid when I was believing God for a husband, I used my season of singleness to prepare for what I knew was coming down the pipeline. I look at my “not now” regarding the training program as a time for me to continue building my skills and becoming the best at what I do and when the time is right, I will get my yes.

One thing that I do know is that God is faithful and He will deliver on His promises! Hebrews 10:23 Don’t lose hope or waver in your faith in your season of “not now”.

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Terry Cato is a Talk Show Host, Author and relationship blogger. She is the Founder of Relationships 411, a blog community dedicated to healthy relationships and marriages. She is the Host of Real Talk w/Terry a Bay Area talk show focusing on relationship and lifestyle topics. Her memoir, “No Longer a Bridesmaid!” chronicles the 7 years she was single, celibate and believing God for a husband. Feel Free to Follow Terry on Twitter and visit her website for more information about the Author.


  1. Thanks for this reminder that God often says “not now.” I have seen many examples where in hindsight we see why our preferred now was not as good as God’s later now. That helps me wait until “not nows” turn into open doors.

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