Underneath the Mask of Winter, Is Spring…

Underneath the Mask of Winter, Is Spring…

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Every year I promise myself, this time, I will adjust to winter much better this year. However,  every year it gets harder and harder to endure the winds, cold, rain, sleet, and snow –no matter how many cute outfits I put together. Winter can be harsh, but when I saw the sun peek her face out yesterday I sprang from my bed determined to meet her while going for a brisk walk. There were a lot of people, so apparently they also had the same idea in mind. Perhaps they too prayed for springtime to arrive, and as I prayed into the sweet sun’s face Holy Spirit said, look around and tell me what you see. I don’t know why, but I’m often surprised that spring  knows when winter is over therefore, its turn in the natural order of things has arrived. While walking, I witnessed new growth as the patches of green grass popped up in various places, the flowers blooming between old and dirty snow, and people– lotsa people out of hibernation.  When we unmask winter, when the snow has melted away, and the hot chocolate is all gone, when our Ugg boots are worn down it’s the season called Spring, along with its new growth that also seems to promise a fresh new start!As I began my walk, I also saw a young couple laughing, talking, and holding hands as they whispered and giggled in each others ear. No doubt spring had ushered in a new romance with the hope of love on its sweet horizon. I then glanced the opposite direction and I couldn’t believe it, an older couple in their senior years enjoying each others company walking side-by-side. I assumed they had already endured the many season’s which come when marriage’s attempt to reconcile their differences.Surely, that alone takes several cycles of nature, don’t cha think? But, as I see it,  love should never grow old, like we do, because when in union with Christ our lives can always be like Spring anticipating excitement and hope for the future.

I laughed as Holy Spirit continued to show me what winter produced while adjusting my gloves and sweatshirt. The residue of winter was still in the air, hitting my face and still fighting to be seen, felt, and embraced while still challenging the arrival of springtime. Even the season’s fight to be heard; hoping to last just a bit longer than before, but even the season’s must learn to let go just like humanity.  On my walk I than spotted a single mother playing with her son, and a single father playing football with his son. The ball landed near me and I watched this little toddler rush toward that ball with all his might determined to kick it. Yes, Spring does make one feel invincible, motivated and perhaps even courageous. Much like that single father when he approached that single mother for a morning chat. After winter subsides, if we take advantage of its ending new things might be just springing up outside our front door. Lastly, I saw courage when I encountered a fellow with one leg, steadily, walking around the track getting his exercise.  As I approached, he was laughing and talking with someone on the phone and I praised God that I was able to witness , in a sense, his rebirth, newness, tenacity and resilience against the harsh season’s that life often and does bring us.

Strangely, as I got into my vehicle, I began to appreciate winter, because it also has a purpose and a plan. Winter provides much needed downtime for us to reevaluate, slow down, and sit back in order to spend some much needed time with family and friends. Perhaps every winter is a time of preparation, ironically, for the new things to come.

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D. C. Lassiter is host of the Dovetales radio show and author of Beyond the Face of the Movies, a non-fiction, Christian Living book. You can find D.C. Lassiter on her online blog and on Facebook page.

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