Making It Through Rough Times

Making It Through Rough Times

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These last few weeks and if I’m honest last month has been hard. Autism is hard. So hard. Can we just say puberty has hit with the twins? Sometimes, it can be a real struggle. They’ve also been having more seizures from it as well. Three children on the spectrum with tons of stimulation overload and little sleep.

One thing I’ve learned is holidays are a rough time for them. I try my best to keep the house calm and not much stimulation, well as much as I can control. God has a sense of humor. Around Christmas our van broke down on the coldest day of the year, I’m talking negative numbers. We were on our way to our new home to take a load. God provided. He always does. We got a new van for a good price and all moved with no other problems.

Now that it’s close to Easter we had a funny thing happen. Our septic tank needed to be emptied and we didn’t know. A mess. You know me and my husband could have stressed over it cause it happened on a weekend! The place our landlord uses isn’t open then. But, God provided again. He kept things down until the plumber could get there Monday afternoon, and then that’s when we learned of the problem. The next day it was fixed.

Did it cause some meltdowns? You bet. But, we made it through.  We prayed a lot and leaned on our faith.

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  1. Your story reminds me of another mom I know. She’s written a book about her twins, now in their twenties. A Pair of Miracles by Karla Akins. Parents of autistic twins are a special group within a special group. I admire your tenacity and patience.

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