Love Like a Hurricane

Love Like a Hurricane

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I did a double take when the worship team sang, “Oh How He Loves Us.” A beautifully written song, I wondered at the line that likened God’s love to a hurricane.

Really? Isn’t a hurricane destructive?

How could this be true?

I believe that God’s justice is like a mighty wind. He is sovereign, and there is no force that can stop his will.

But love?

I always thought God’s love was like a gentle summer breeze on our souls?

When Hurricane Matthew descended in Jacksonville, Florida, we worried. Since our area was not under mandatory evacuation, we decided to stay. This was our first experience with a storm bigger than a tropical blast. We thought ourselves well prepared. But self-confidence waned as the worst of the storm’s fury descended.

The unrelenting, howling winds unnerved us. No force could stand against nature’s fury. We were at its mercy. The trees bent to the ground. Fortunately, they were young trees and were more pliable against the gales.

And I remembered a crazy law of nature that trees grow stronger when buffeted because the roots go deeper. Healthy trees favor the gale. After the storm, the air was fresh and crisp, gone was the oppressive humidity.

I wondered, is this how God’s love is like a hurricane? His breaths of mercy are intense but healing, bringing us to a comprehension of his enormous love for us … love undeserved … yet lavished upon us.

I remembered the hit song, “The Rose,” and how we’re reminded that the spring rose is blanketed under a cold, harsh blanket of snow. The discomfort and brutality of the season is a blanket of security. Buffeting love is like the rose’s winter blanket … sent for my good.

Love demands that the object of its affection receive everything needed to thrive … that includes the push of cleansing provided by forceful winds that God sends our way.

His love comes, not with nudges, but with a force we cannot deny. In that process, we realize our helplessness. Gone is our reliance on self-sufficiency. It is during the fiercest winds that we most know God’s mercy.


“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” (Romans 8:28 NIV).


About Linda Wood Rondeau

Award-winning author Linda Wood Rondeau writes blended contemporary fiction that demonstrates, once surrendered to God, our worst past often becomes our best future. Retired from her long career in human services, she enjoys being able to play golf year around. Readers may visit her website and blog, called Snark and Sensibility.


  1. What a great comparison, Linda. His love does blow us over with unrelenting power!

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