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When someone claims to have seen or heard something firsthand, we may believe it or we may not.  But, if a second person comes to us and says he has seen and heard that same thing, we will be more likely to believe them.  The more people that have witnessed the same event, the more it is taken seriously.  Have you considered that the Bible provides us with eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus, His teachings, His death and resurrection?  In fact, the Scriptures contain testimony of Jesus throughout the Old and New Testament.

Witnesses are so important!  Ancient Jewish law required two or three witnesses in order to validate a matter.  God has provided many, many witnesses to Jesus so that there would be no doubt regarding the evidence.

The New Testament contains first-hand testimonies from three of Jesus’ disciples, Matthew, Mark and John.  The apostle Paul met the risen Lord on his way to Damascus.  Luke, a doctor who traveled with Paul, wrote his account after gathering information from other eyewitnesses, including Jesus’ mother.  Jesus’ brother, James, also wrote a book of the New Testament.

We can’t ignore these witnesses who claim that Jesus performed miracles and rose from the dead.  We can choose whether or not to believe them, nevertheless, the evidence must be heard and examined.

List of more witnesses:

God the Father – After Jesus was baptized, Matthew 3:17 tells us that a voice came from Heaven and said, “This is my Son, whom I love; with him I am well pleased.”

John the Baptist – He came as a witness to testify concerning Jesus, so that “through him all might believe.” (John 1:7)

Old Testament Scriptures – Over 300 OT prophecies have been fulfilled by Jesus.  Wow!  Jesus claimed that the Scriptures testify about Him.  (John 5:39)

Jesus’ miracles – Jesus explained that the very works that God gave Him to do testify that God had sent Him. (John 5:36).  The miracles that Jesus performed validated or proved that He was who He said He was.

The Resurrection – The miracle of the resurrection is evidence that Jesus is God.  Jesus overcame death and showed us that we can have eternal life through Him.

The Holy Spirit – Jesus said that He would send the “Spirit of Truth” and that the Holy Spirit would testify about Jesus. (John 15:26)” The Holy Spirit continues to testify to the hearts of people to this day.

Over 500 eyewitnesses – After the resurrection, Jesus appeared for 40 days to over 500 people.

The Disciples – Jesus told His disciples that they would be witnesses in Jerusalem and to the ends of the earth.  (Acts 1:8)

The Apostle Paul – Jesus appeared to Paul on the road to Damascus.  Paul went on to preach to the Gentiles and write 13 books of the New Testament.

Believers – Hebrews 12:1 tells us that we are surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses, those who have gone before us and persevered in the faith.

And now…. the witnesses that God is using today to testify about Jesus….

You and me! 

We are witnesses, just like so many others over the centuries.  We continue the work of Jesus by carrying to others the most powerful and important message of all time!

Why is it so important to be a witness and share our testimony with the world today?

The answer is simple, for the salvation of their souls.  We are to share our testimony with people who don’t know Christ.  When people read the Bible or hear God’s Word, the Holy Spirit testifies to our hearts and guides us into all truth.  (John 16:13)

Do you believe the evidence?


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Laurie Driesen is a writer, entrepreneur and business owner. Her passion is to encourage and strengthen people's faith by sharing the truth of God's Word through her writing. In her recently published book, Beyond Regret - Living Your Life Purpose in Spite of Past Choices, Laurie shares how God uses our mistakes and detours to lead us into His will and accomplish His true purpose for our lives. Check out her website for more.

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