Sweets For The Sweet

Sweets For The Sweet

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For the last two years I have had various dreams about cakes, cupcakes, wedding cakes and birthday cakes. Gosh, I know this sounds bizarre, but nonetheless I continued to have the dream. In one particular dream, I remember walking down the street and I saw a pastry shop. I stood at the threshold trying to stop myself from walking in, because a girl has to watch her figure! I didn’t even see the lady standing at the counter, because I was so excited at how beautiful those cakes looked and how delicious they must have tasted. The nice lady looked at me and said as her eyes glistened, “This is all for you!” I gasped for air as my mouth was forced to hang open. I said to the lady, “Are you sure this is for me?” She said with a big smile, “Yes!” I was giddy with excitement in the dream, because I just love sweets, but more importantly how could they all be for me and how did she know that I loved cake! I began to think about this dream and speculate on why I had continued to dream about this over and over. I wasn’t complaining, because I was so happy in the dream over something so trivial and simple, but nonetheless it was what I truly enjoy and love. I smiled, because it dawned on me that only God knew how much I love going to my local grocer and perhaps it was God posing as the woman in the dream. God preparing all that I love for the perfect day and time that I would be walking by to receive it–from Him.

Only God knew that I go to the market and upon going I always discover that a birthday cake( that didn’t sell) was divided into individual slices for a cheaper price. Only God knows how cake makes me feel festive, hopeful, and celebrated. Hmm… the soft yellow cake with coconut icing ( my favorite), the marble cake with chocolate icing, the carrot cake with that special cheese icing or, what about the chocolate cake with whipped icing. Each time I go, my eyes glanced over the elaborate display hoping to find the right piece to purchase so my finger can scoop up that delectable goodness  into my mouth.

Every time I had the dream, I was so happy to be surrounded by all those cakes and I realized for others it might be something else that makes them giddy with excitement, but God has a way of revealing that He will give us the desires of our heart–even in a dream. I felt so special, because God would dare to communicate with me in such a way. But that is God and He is always doing sweet things for mankind, if we could only see it. God was telling me that he was going to bless me with the things “I” like from conversations that I had with him in our time together. Perhaps you too have discussed what is on your heart. Perhaps, this holiday season you desire a new job, home, church, Godly friends, to discover your purpose or, freedom from the grueling strongholds which drain you daily. My sweet friends, God hears you and He will bake a cake with all the ingredients (conversations) that have been in your heart and in your prayers. Let’s remain hopeful this holiday season, because 2018 will be a season of change…

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D. C. Lassiter is host of the Dovetales radio show and author of Beyond the Face of the Movies, a non-fiction, Christian Living book. You can find D.C. Lassiter on her online blog and on Facebook page.


  1. God has a way of speaking to each one of us personally. I’m so grateful He cares about every one of the billions of people who have lived on His creation.

  2. Hi Linda, it is so wonderful the way the Lord communicates. I am too grateful that he cares about us all enough to connect on such intimate details. Happy Holidays to you sweetheart! Thanks for your response…

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