Waiting for Treasure

Waiting for Treasure

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December 3 marks the beginning of Advent this year on the Christian Church calendar.

Advent. The season of anticipation, of expectation.

Christians take time to remember how Mary and Joseph awaited the birth of Jesus. This chosen couple knew their son was special, but they could not comprehend everything God had planned.

When I think about it, every day in the life of a Christian is Advent. Everyday, I anticipate the Second Coming, at least, I should. Everyday, I wake up with the expectant question, “What does God have for me today? What adventure? What mission? What joyous moment?

Charles Spurgeon talked about the treasure God has pledged to us. Heaven. Everlasting life with Him. My finite little self can’t comprehend everything He has in store for me, much like Mary and Joseph couldn’t know future events involving their family. I try to look forward to heaven in the same way I would anticipate a long-awaited expensive birthday present, but heaven’s rewards are so far beyond a mere gift.

To be honest, I don’t look forward to heaven because my understanding is so limited. I simply wait, trusting that heaven is good because God says so. Then I feel guilty about possessing a blasé attitude. How can I not get excited about heaven?

It helps to look at a toddler’s first Christmas. She doesn’t understand the fuss whirling around her. The tree with its pretty lights and shiny baubles is fascinating. The brightly wrapped boxes under the tree beg to be touched, but everyone tells her no. She must wait to touch the presents. Christmas morning arrives, and someone hands her a box. Finally!

She tears the paper off the box, notes the teddy bear inside, then turns her attention to shredding the paper and pulling apart the shiny ribbon. She’s now delighted with the idea of Christmas presents but misses the point. The gift in the box doesn’t interest her until all the gaudy non-essentials are cleared away.

I know heaven is in my future, but forever with God has less meaning for me than picturing streets of gold or heavenly mansions. Those are nice pictures to identify with, but they aren’t the heart of heaven. Like the toddler who adores her teddy bear long after the wrapping paper has been tossed in the trash, someday I’m going to cherish everything God has prepared for me.  For now, I’m excited about pulling the ribbon off the package and entering heaven’s gates.

After that, I’ll enjoy the real treasure.


About Linda Sammaritan

For years, Linda Sammaritan tried to be perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect teacher and crammed so many activities into her days that twenty-four hours couldn’t possibly hold them all – perfectly. She now lives by the motto, “relentlessly eliminate hurry.” Newly retired, Linda keeps the freezer packed with homemade take-out meals for her full- time working husband when she travels to visit children, grandchildren, siblings, and Mom. Read more about her faith and writings at www.lindasammaritan.com.


  1. Sometimes when I’m feeling entirely discontent about some aspect of my life, this exact reminder brings hope! Not long ago, I was talking to a friend about how we both wished we lived in more rural places – our homes just aren’t what we would ideally like them to be – and she reminded me that maybe we’ll never be fully content here, because earth is not our home. Thanks for your reminder today, Linda! Treasure awaits in heaven!

  2. You’re welcome. Stacey.
    And yes, earth will never be fully satisfactory, even when life is good. I hope I live the good days with gratitude and the unhappy days with trust in my Savior while I wait for treasure.

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