Making room for Christmas

Making room for Christmas

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We cleared a space by the window, pushing aside all the toys and games and accumulated stuff. The tree stands tall in the window, white lights shining forth into the dark night. The star touches the ceiling as if reaching for its brothers in the sky above.

This is the tree that was cut from the forest, shipped to the store, purchased by us and driven home. The other tree, smaller, is the one we bought when the kids were little and a taller tree was too much temptation for little fingers. We moved some plants and set it with its colored lights on a small table in the nook off the kitchen. The rainbow glow permeates the curtains, so even when they’re closed, the Christmas spirit is visible.

At Christmas, it seems we are always making room.

We make room in our budgets (and in our hearts) for giving and gifts. We make room in our schedules for parties and concerts and family gatherings. We make room in our homes for decorations. We make room in our stomaches for sugary treats and too many snacks, maybe a little bit of festive drink.

It is always a marvel to me that we spend the season making room to celebrate a story set in “no room.”

And I always wonder how much room there will be for this story in our lives when the Christmas season ends.

In January, will there be room for generosity and gifts?

In February, will there be room for lights shining in the dark?

In March, will there be room to gather with family and friends?

In April, will there be room for festive food?

In May, will there be room for signs and symbols of what we believe?

In June, will there be room for loving neighbors?

In July, will there be room for welcoming strangers?

In August, will there be room for candlelight and contemplation?

In September, will there be room to sing our celebration?

In October, will there be room?

In November?

When it comes back around to December, will we still have to make room for Christmas, or will it have been there all year long?

I love Christmas. A lit tree is one of my favorite things, and Christmas lights on the outside of houses make me smile.

I don’t want it to be Christmas year-round, but I do want to carry the Christmas spirit year-round. I don’t want to have to make room for Christmas. I want to have room for it.

Ready and waiting to receive.


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Lisa has been writing stories for more than a decade, first for newspapers and now as a freelancer, blogger and budding novelist. She lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two kids. Read more at her blog, Beauty on the Backroads.


  1. I love this concept of “making room,” Lisa. I’d never really considered this resounding theme that ought to echo through the corridors of our lives, no matter what month of the year it happens to be. Thanks for these inspiring words of truth!

  2. Thank you, Stacey! It first occurred to me years ago when we brought our first child home from the hospital and had to rearrange EVERYTHING to make room for a baby. Thanks for reading.

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