A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

A Little Kindness Goes a Long Way

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I recently saw a news report about a teenager in Florida who started a club at school called, “We Dine Together”. The purpose of this club is to enure that no student eats alone during lunch time. This story moved me to tears. My heart went out to the young man who said he knew what it felt like to eat alone at lunch. And so many other students could relate to his story. This spurred him to create the club to solve this problem. How admirable.

Growing up, I never considered myself a popular kid in school. But I do always remember having friends. This story flooded my mind with memories of my time in school and how I would always welcome the new girl to the class. I enjoyed getting to know where they were from and how they landed at our school. Not to say that I always remained best friends with the new girl; I do feel that this act of kindness increased my social network of people that I was “friendly” with and able to randomly sit or talk with at any time.

Growing up, I never thought much of what I was doing other than I enjoyed getting to know new people. As an adult, I admire my younger self for being friendly and kind and helping make another student’s transition to a new school environment easier.

This reminds me of the saying, “a little kindness goes a long way”. Maybe that’s what the world needs right now is a little more kindness. Food for thought, “what act of kindness have you done today?”

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