Where Are Your Feet Taking You?

Where Are Your Feet Taking You?

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As the summer seems to come to a close (at least here where I reside) I can’t help but think of the emphasis that I’ve placed on my feet. The only time they become an accessory is in the summertime after finding the prettiest bubblegum shades of polish, to compliment my chocolate skin tone. The joy I get when I step out after indulging in the occasional shoe shopping displaying my home pedicure. There is such freedom as I wiggle my toes around click-clacking down the driveway while the sun shines on my freshly washed face. My feet have taken me everywhere from California to Taiwan, from Portugal to Thailand, from London to Russia. I thank God for all the experiences I’ve had witnessing His resume from a worldview. And, I envision many more ahead–God willing.

As I glance down at my feet again, I smile and think of my spiritual walk with the triune God in those same shoes and with that same freshly washed face. Honestly, I have covered just as many miles in my heart and mind as I have on foot.  It was my feet that led me to a Joyce Meyer conference in St. Louis when feeling lost and hopeless with the direction and certainty of my life. It was my bare feet which stepped into the huge tub of water when being baptized on September 13, 2009. It was my bare feet, on my living room floor, that I remember most as I cried about the death of my marriage, during the birth of my personal relationship with Christ (April 26, 2006), convinced that I had to run to the Lord, because I wasn’t emotionally stable to run anywhere else and make it–alone. Yes, my bare feet have taken me many many places, but I love that my feet have also steered me to His feet when burdened, weary and in need of some much needed rest. It was there at His wonderful feet that I found myself and God’s rest. There is nothing like it.

I haven’t any regrets and so excited about where God might order my steps next. So, I hope I have prompted you to think about where your feet have taken you. Whether good or bad, God is not done with us yet. Everyday when we open our eyes and take another breath we have a chance to move our feet closer to Him–from glory to glory –to HIS GLORY! I hope to inspire you and to get you excited about where the sweet Lord will lead your feet next.

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D. C. Lassiter is host of the Dovetales radio show and author of Beyond the Face of the Movies, a non-fiction, Christian Living book. You can find D.C. Lassiter on her online blog and on Facebook page.


  1. Thank you for the thought-provoking words, D.C. Live the picture of running to God when we aren’t emotionally stable evough to run anywhere else.

  2. Hi Becky! Happy Sunday to you and your family. Thanks, those days were just so tough for me. I wouldn’t have survived if I didn’t let Him in. Surely, the last bit of energy I had I used it to run to God. So glad I did…

  3. I love the picture God has given you of feet (with bubblegum pink polish) running to Him. I have traveled a portion of the path you described, and while God didn’t give me a picture of my feet (with their coral polish) running to Him, He gave me a different picture with the same message: He is our all in all. He’s there for us. He will be our strength when we have none. He was my Light in the darkness. And I’m forever grateful.

  4. Hi Linda, I love that we all come from different backgrounds, but when we are in union with Christ we often go through similar experiences, for we can truly relate to His death and His resurrection. God knows, as you’ve said, that he too was my strength when I had nothing and frankly didn’t think much of myself. Thank you for not making me feel alone in my thoughts. God bless you…

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