Purest Faith

Purest Faith

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When circumstances are exactly the opposite of what we hope for, it becomes impossible for us to envision that things could ever change.  It is hard to trust God. There are no more “props” or “crutches” to hold our faith up.  What are props and crutches?  Anything that we lean on besides God.  It could be a person, it could be some control or influence we have to change things, or anything else that holds us up.

What about the times when we are stuck in physical circumstances that offer no hope of change?  Do we have faith or do we get angry with God and stop trusting Him?  I believe that it is during those times that we can actually have the purest type of faith.

Let me explain.  When there is no place to turn and we have no more control over a situation, we learn that God Himself is enough.  In reality, we prefer the crutches of encouragement from friends, evidence of change or threads of hope.  But when all of the props we cling to disappear, and we choose to trust God anyway, that’s when faith exists in its purest form.  Here is my definition of “Purest Faith.”

Faith in God when we don’t hear Him or feel His presence.  Faith in His Word when what we see and experience is the opposite of what we read on the pages of Scripture.  Just pure, simple faith.  When we learn to say to God, “I trust you,” with no proof, no crutches, no evidence and no hope, then we have pure, true faith.

Faith tells God that we don’t need proof, His Word is good enough.  And that pleases God!  Our faith tells God that we trust Him to work out our problem in His way and in His time.

Example of Pure Faith

Abraham is our example of this type of unwavering faith.  God had promised Abraham that he would have a child and his descendants would be too numerous to count.  But his wife was barren!  The years went by, Abraham finally reached 99 years of age and Sarah was well beyond child-bearing years.  Yet he still believed God’s words.  In Romans 4:18-21, Abraham’s faith is described with these phrases:

“Against all hope Abraham in hope believed…”  Vs. 18

“Without weakening in his faith…”  Vs. 19

“Yet he did not waver through unbelief…”  Vs. 20

“…being fully persuaded that God had power to do what He had promised…”  Vs. 21

God did finally give Abraham a son.  When Abraham turned 100 years old, his wife bore him a son, Isaac.  Wow, what a miracle!

Faith and hope do not mean that we believe God for everything that we want.  No, it means that we believe God for everything HE wants.  Although Abraham longed for a son, he would never have wanted to wait until he was 100 years old to have his first child!  Abraham’s trust in God meant that he wanted God’s will to be done.

This type of faith, unwavering, pure faith, is the same type of faith that we should have.

Without props to lean on, we should never find ourselves frustrated and saying, “There’s nothing left to do but trust God.”  No, if we say that, I imagine God exclaiming, “Finally, you have nowhere else to turn but to me!”

Our God will do amazing things when we have the purest faith.


(Excerpts from this post were taken from my book, Beyond Regret, chapter 18, “Prayer – Answered and Unanswered.”)

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Laurie Driesen is a writer, entrepreneur and business owner. Her passion is to encourage and strengthen people's faith by sharing the truth of God's Word through her writing. In her recently published book, Beyond Regret - Living Your Life Purpose in Spite of Past Choices, Laurie shares how God uses our mistakes and detours to lead us into His will and accomplish His true purpose for our lives. Check out her website for more.


  1. Great reminder, Laurie. It’s so tempting to want to do things our own way instead of God’s way. But God’s way and timing are best. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Laurie Driesen says:

    Thank you Cynthia, I do think God loves it when we finally let go and stop doing it our own way! I am always being challenged to trust Him more.

  3. My purest moments of walking by faith occurred during the most difficult time of my life. I look back on those hard times and praise God! Now…if only I could have such pure faith in the easier seasons of life.

  4. Laurie Driesen says:

    Thanks for your comment Linda – I experience the same thing: purest faith in the hardest times! During those hard times I never thought I would be thankful for them later, but I really am.

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