God is Not a One-Hit Wonder

God is Not a One-Hit Wonder

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If I asked you to name some songs that are one-hit wonders, I’m sure you can come up with several. And then we wonder if these bands/singers will ever create another hit. We wonder if they will regroup and release another smash hit.

This makes me think about whether or not we treat God as a one-hit wonder. Do you ever find yourself asking these questions or thinking along these lines?

  • Where is the revival in my neighborhood/town/city/state?
  • When will God save my unbelieving spouse/friend/family member?
  • Why is there still so much devastation around the world?
  • Why isn’t God healing my sick friend/child/relative?
  • Why do I keep returning to the same sins?

Last month, my church hosted a revival weekend, and one of the songs we sang was Elevation Worship’s “Do It Again”. The lyrics in the bridge are especially powerful:

I’ve seen you move / You move the mountains
And I believe / I’ll see You do it again
You made a way / When there was no way
And I believe / I’ll see You do it again

We read about God’s miracles in the Bible. We witness people being healed. We know that God is a God of miracles. Yet, we doubt that God can do those same things again today, in our everyday lives.

Is there an area in your life where you need to see God move again? Don’t let doubt and fear creep in and steal God’s glory. Believe that He will do it again. Because our God is not a one-hit wonder.


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