The God Who Sees Me

The God Who Sees Me

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Have you ever found yourself going through a difficult season where you begin to doubt whether God sees you? In the darkness of your situation you find it hard to believe that there is actually a God watching over you and has compassion about your situation? In our season of pain it can be difficult to recognize the hand of God anywhere.

One particular story reminded me recently of God’s continual awareness of our circumstances.

Hagar was a maidservant of Sarah. When Sarah didn’t conceive according to her perceived timeline, she gave her servant Hagar to her husband Abraham to try to produce the heir that was promised to them. As Hagar became pregnant, she began to show her mistress contempt. I imagine she felt that she was now in a superior position to her mistress because she was able to conceive and Sarah wasn’t. Pride had set in. Sarah in return dealt harshly with her and she fled from her presence.

I can imagine that as much as Hagar had taunted her mistress, she was now afraid of the turn of events. She was alone and with child, which of itself is a scary time. Despite what she had done, God did not forsake her. He pursued her through an angel and told her to humble herself and return to her mistress. Hagar realized then that God was aware of her. He saw her pain and came to reassure her. Not only did he advise her to return but he made her aware of what the future would be like for her son. He gave her hope. After this recognition she named the place where God met with her as El Roi, meaning, you are God who sees me.

Like Hagar in that moment, we can be confident that God is aware of our every move. He is aware of every moment, whether pain or peace. He has not and will not abandon us even when our actions cause problems for us. He continues to watch over us and wait for us to turn to him in our time of need.

So whenever you doubt whether God sees your pain, remember El Roi-The God who sees me.

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I am passionate about inspiring others to explore their God given potential and use their gifts and talents to honor God. Blogging from the beautiful island of Jamaica. I can be found blogging at Powerful U Blog and on twitter.


  1. Wonderful post, Latoya. Thanks for the reminder that God always sees us, even when we can’t see Him.

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