Protest an Easter Egg Hunt?

Protest an Easter Egg Hunt?

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We’re just a few days after Easter, but I still can’t get something out of my mind. The Saturday before Easter my church always has an Easter Egg hunt for the kids. We include a presentation of the gospel and lunch. It has always been a fun family event.

This past Saturday as we pulled onto the church parking lot an hour and a half early to get things set up, there was a woman standing at the corner. She was protesting our egg hunt. One of the men approached her, asking her if she knew Jesus as her personal Savior. She proceeded to inform him that she knew Jesus and that we were teaching our children a pagan ritual. The man went on to explain that we would be presenting the gospel to the children and parents who would attend. This did not appease her. When offered a cold bottle of water, she refused.

The police showed up and informed us that where she was standing was public and she couldn’t be asked to leave. We said we understood and that we would respect her right to do what she was doing. We were going on with what we had the right to do. As long as she didn’t bother any of our children, we were fine with just going on and leaving her alone. The police assured us that if she did bother anyone, they would have to escort her away.

At first I was a little frustrated with this lady, but her little demonstration went virtually unnoticed by our families and their excited children. Then later I decided to see if what she had proposed was true. Were we promoting something that had been a pagan ritual or symbol?

Here is what I discovered: “Despite claims that Easter eggs were originally pagan symbols, there is no solid evidence for this.”

In fact, the whole Easter egg symbolism has been more closely linked with Christians. Here’s some facts I found:

For Christians the egg represents new life. The egg is like the tomb and when cracked, is like the opened tomb and Christ being resurrected.

Egg-rolling has been associated with rolling the stone away from the tomb.

In Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches Easter eggs were dyed red to represent the blood of Christ. The hard shell symbolized the sealed tomb, and the cracking symbolized His resurrection from the dead.

I’m kinda glad the woman prompted my curiosity. There’s actually more Christian symbolism involved in Easter eggs than I once thought. And I think these would be a neat addition to teaching children about the meaning of Easter.

So for our Easter egg hunt we had about 130 people who heard the gospel, ate lunch together, and found 2.700 eggs in the church’s back yard.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your story, Paula. What a blessing that this woman’s protest drew you deeper into the truth and allowed you to share with the world. I didn’t know the background of the Christian symbolism of the egg, and this will be a great teaching tool for next year’s egg hunt! Blessings!

  2. Stacey, exactly what I was thinking. My mind has been mulling over ways to use the eggs’ symbolism in the gospel presentation next year.

  3. Laurie Driesen says:

    Hmmmm, it probably would have been a better use of the woman’s time to protest something that’s actually sinful. I don’t mean to be sarcastic but certainly a fun tradition like an egg hunt shouldn’t offend anyone? I loved your attitude and the message in your post Paula!

  4. Laurie, I agree, seems she could have found something else to protest about. But we did find out that she had on a body camera. She was probably hoping we would get ugly with her. But we offered her water. She left before we even hunted the eggs. Guess we didn’t give her much of a story. Thanks for stopping by!

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