Ahh, Massage

Ahh, Massage

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My husband and I lounge on the sofa, watching television, enjoying together time. He massages my feet. Do I jerk away and say, “Don’t do that?” Not on your life!

After supper at the end of a long work day, I offer my husband a back rub. Does he turn me down? No way! My hands roll into his muscles like I’m kneading bread dough. I untangle the knots between neck and shoulders and use gentle karate chops down his spine. His tension melts under my fingers.

People spend fortunes on professionals who pound and manipulate every muscle group in their bodies. Why do we humans love to place our physical selves under the ministrations of someone else?

  1. Because it feels good! I can lie down, and allow glorious pressure in all the right places. Once the massage is complete, I sit up, totally refreshed.
  2. Because we can’t do it ourselves. Sure, I can give myself a foot rub or use my hands to massage the tight muscles in my neck, but while I may be relaxing those two members of the body, other muscles are working hard. All of me is not at rest.

I need someone else to do the work.

Too often, Christians try to do spiritual work by themselves, with disappointing results. They know works can’t save them but figure they ought to be helping the Lord and earning some of that grace. In order to be Godly examples of contentment in every circumstance, they diligently massage their spiritual muscles—in their own strength. Unfortunately, not much gets done other than the equivalent of rubbing a stubbed toe!

They need the Holy Spirit to do the work.

Allow the Holy Spirit to massage those muscles. This is His ministry of love. His are not the paid services of a health spa. Jesus, the Bridegroom, loves His bride, the Church. That’s you. That’s me. And if Jesus loves the Church, the Holy Spirit also loves you.

Do you want to grow in faith? Do you want to be that serene saint gliding through life on this bumpy road of a fallen world? Then lie down and surrender to the strong fingertips of the Holy Spirit. He will work out every kink of doubt and fear, stimulate every muscle that serves God, and provide the refreshing spiritual energy you desire.


About Linda Sammaritan

For years, Linda Sammaritan tried to be perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect teacher and crammed so many activities into her days that twenty-four hours couldn’t possibly hold them all – perfectly. She now lives by the motto, “relentlessly eliminate hurry.” Newly retired, Linda keeps the freezer packed with homemade take-out meals for her full- time working husband when she travels to visit children, grandchildren, siblings, and Mom. Read more about her faith and writings at www.lindasammaritan.com.

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