Taking Off Our Masks

Taking Off Our Masks

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They say “character” is who we are when no one’s looking. But the real question is–who are we when others are looking? Are we the same person at work as we are at church? Do we treat our family members with the same respect and patience as we do our friends? When life gets tough, do we give off the persona that all is well?

It’s so easy to put on a mask and pretend we’ve got our lives under control. More times than not, we like to pretend everything is rosy and we don’t have problems. When asked how we’re doing, how many of us paste on a grin and say “Fine, how are you?” 

Maybe it’s that we feel people don’t really want to be weighted down with our problems. That may be so at times. But a true friend will listen and be there for us regardless of what we go through.

I’m convinced the Lord sometime sends challenges our way to break down our walls of self-reliance and unveil our vulnerabilities. Only when we relinquish control and humble our hearts can we be real before the Lord, as well as others.

Our strength must rest in God alone. When we’re willing to be genuine with ourselves and others by revealing our hurts and frailties, we express our dependence on God and allow Him to be glorified in our lives. And isn’t that much better than going it alone?

How about you? When do you find yourself putting on a mask? What circumstances cause you to draw your strength from God?

Cynthia Roemer About Cynthia Roemer

Cynthia Roemer is a Christian writer from rural Illinois with a heart for scattering seeds of hope into the lives of others through her writing. She and her husband, Marvin, have been married for twenty-four years and have two college-age sons. Find out more about her and her writing on her website: http://cynthiaroemer.com/


  1. Laurie Driesen says:

    This post really made me think. Since I’m writing and blogging I feel even more strongly that I must “have it all together”! Thanks for this really important message.

  2. Thanks, Laurie. I needed it too. So glad the Lord spoke to you through it. God bless!

  3. Ann Doohan says:

    So true Cynthia, i have had to rely on Gods strength lately, blessings

  4. Yes you certainly have, Ann. Prayers for you and your loved ones!

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