As the Seasons Change

As the Seasons Change

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The picture above is soo-o-o-o Wisconsin! I know some of you live here so you can relate, yes?

Ahem. Many—or probably most, from what I’ve seen—LOVE this time of year. You’ve stated that Fall is your favorite season. Alas, I am not one of them. Oh, I admit to loving the gorgeous fall colors, and the easing off from the heat of summer, but . . . I am NOT in love with what this ‘equinox’ really means.

It means cold, shivering temperatures. It means winter-proofing the house and turning off the water to the outside faucet. It means switching the thermostat from A/C to Heat. It means parking the lawnmower and making sure the plows and/or snowlowers are in good working order.  And that means that in just a handful of weeks, we’ll start seeing some of that white stuff!  It’s inevitable.

Again, not that I don’t think the first few pristine snowfalls aren’t beautiful. They are!

A quick aside: I’ve spent the lion’s share of my life here in Wisconsin . . . from 1949 to 1980. Then, due to some health  issues, I left NW Wisconsin for the warm—no, maake that hot—dry air of the desert southwest. I was there from May 1980 to November 2012, when after my husband passed away I returned to northwest Wisconsin. So this will be my fifth winter back here.  And I have not yet been able to acclimate myself to the cold. I hate the cold. I hate having to throw on layers of clothing and bundle up so much I feel like the Michelen Man! 

The irony of it all is that while I was in Nevada, I really missed the distinct change of seasons I’d known most of my life. Go figure.

Okay, I’ve rambled a bit, I guess. Anyway, even after the above whining, I have to say that I am feeling truly blessed at this point in my current season of life. Blessed to be living in a nice, warm house, sharing it with my daughter and son-in-law, and being near my two sons, my grand’s and great-grand’s. Also, contrary to what I’ve just written, I can honestly say, along with Paul:

“Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”  Philippians 4:11 

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Multi-published author Peggy Blann Phifer writes a mixture of contemporary women’s fiction with three parts suspense, three parts mystery, and four parts romance, stirred up with a sprinkling of humor. Peg believes God has a sense of humor and that He intended to place laughter into our lives no matter our circumstances. Read more on her website.


  1. I so agree with you, Peg, on all the points you make here. Fall is my favorite time too, and that passage from Paul is one of my favorites to remember. God bless you!

  2. Yes, I’m one of those who names fall as my favorite season. And I know what’s coming in the near future, which is why I cherish every single sunny day, every single orange woods, and every single degree over fifty!

  3. The season sound fantastic. I can’t imagine the difference from Nevada & now Wisconsin. My granddaughter used to go to Wisconsin & loved the winter time. In Texas, we’re finally getting to the eighties for the high now. Trees are getting a little bit of yellow occasionally. Yeah!

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