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More About Jesus

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This song title came to me recently, and I believe I’ve had too many frustrations because I don’t know more about Jesus. This line of thought hit even harder when I read Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard.

In one scene the character, Much Afraid, has looked, “into the abyss of horror, into an existence in which there was no Shepherd at all.”

This is when Much Afraid, said, “Shepherd,” she shrieked, Shepherd! Help me! Where are you?”

At Much Afraid’s words, The Shepherd, “lifted her up, supported her by his arm, and with his own hand wiped the tears from her cheeks.”

Ah, this is truth!

I knew first-hand a sincere crying out to the Lord will draw His attention to His children every time. When I was at the lowest point in my life after my son, Joshua, died by suicide, my heart also cried out unto the Lord.

Spiritually, Jesus came to me after Joshua had been gone for three years. He wrapped His arms around my battered heart and nerves, and His assurance filled every pore of my being.

Now, twelve years after Joshua’s death, God continues to test me, shaping me for His eternal Heaven. And more recent, the Holy Spirit showed me pride is getting in my way. Pride? Me?

I bowed my head in shame as scales fell from my eyes.

Doesn’t the world teach us it’s about nurturing self? Christ showed us by example on the cross it’s about dying to self.

We can have sweet, peaceful victory in the arms of Jesus, while he lifts us up during those times when we fall.

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall. Proverbs 16:18 (ESV)

Strong’s Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries says this about what the word pride means in this verse: 16:18: arrogancy, excellency, majesty, pomp, pride, proud, swelling.


Though trials are painful, I thank You, Father, for loving me through them. I’m grateful You sent Your Son to die for our sins, and for His example of humility on the cross. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Jean Ann Williams About Jean Ann Williams

Jean Ann Williams lives in Southern Oregon with her husband Jim. Although one of their children has passed on to the Great Beyond, their two remaining children have blessed them with thirteen grandchildren, their Baker’s Dozen. Jean Ann keeps up two blogs: the first is about the writing life Jean Ann Williams: Author, and Love Truth where she writes of how God continues to encourage and bless her after her son’s suicide in 2004.


  1. Tina Dorward says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart Jean Ann and I’m so sorry about your son. As someone who has struggled with depression and has attempted suicide as recently as two years ago, I understand the pain and struggle for all involved. God is the only one as you say that we can truly call to for the support, love and strength to see us through. May His comfort continue to be with you.

  2. Tina, thank you, sweetheart, for reading and commenting. God be with you and your strength come only from Him, for His strength is bigger than ours. Cyber hugs! Love, Jean

  3. Thanks for this post sheltered in His arms is where I want to be

  4. Thank you for reading it, Janet! God bless you today. Hugs, Jean

  5. Deborah Klose says:

    I am sorry about your Joshua, your beloved son. Your title More About Jesus touches deeply and your words following, more so. Your words, “His assurance filled…”, where Jesus met you, held you, brings to remembrance the times Jesus meets in those places of pain so unbearable. It is a place of life, a holy place, of His peace and assurance of Him and His goodness. Those places are my lifeline to His truth when in the throws of my insecurity of His love and watchfulness now, today – Little miss Much Afraid. I want to be in His presence, to be in “More About Jesus.” I’m sorry beyond expression for the wrong in our lives but sink into, am rescued by, and clutched in the arms of Jesus because it is a meeting place of His Glory, of Peace and Goodness.

  6. Deborah, I’m so very grateful to know this has touched you. Jesus is our complete lifeline, praise God! Hugs, Jean

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