Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith

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The Bible gives this definition of faith:


Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

                             Hebrews 11:1


When our middle daughter was six, all three girls took swimming lessons. The oldest and the youngest caught on right away, but the middle girl’s fear of the water stalled her learning, and she gave up.


My visual of faith came one evening on a vacation. Tired and hungry, we stopped at a motel for the evening. The girls clamored for one with a pool. After dinner, that pool was the first place we headed.


Near the six foot spot, my husband held to the side and called out to Christie, our middle girl, “Jump in.” He stretched our his arms to her. My visual of faith will always be that daughter jumping into her dad’s arms. Why? She still didn’t know how to swim. Her fear of water was strong. Until then, she hadn’t ventured away from the steps in the three foot area. But she jumped because her dad said come, and she trusted her dad.


My best definition of faith is putting ourselves into a place where Our Heavenly Father has to take care of us, or accomplish His purpose in us.


Last week, I completed a study of the “Armor of God” by Priscilla Shirer. I loved the detail in the study about each part of the armor, but I especially liked learning more about the “shield of faith.”


Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

                                   Ephesians 6:16


A shield carried by a Roman soldier was 2’ wide and 4’ long, big enough for him to hide behind. When an enemy army would throw fiery javelins, the Romans covered themselves with their shields, blocking the weapons and the fire from harming them. Then, they advanced.


Fear is the fiery javelin of the devil.


The shield of faith doesn’t stop the fear, but it protects us while we act. We prove our faith with our works.


If our daughter had stood on the side of the pool and said she knew her dad would catch her, but she didn’t jump in, how could her trust be proven?


When God asked me to call a woman who had said ugly things about us and tell her I was praying for her, I was scared, but I did it. I love the idea that when I acted, the big shield of faith was covering and protecting me.


Lord, if it’s you,” Peter replied, “tell me to come to you on the water.”

 “Come,” he said.

Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus.

                                                                        Matthew 14: 28-30

Peter was still afraid. Walking on the water was more than he could do within his own power, but he trusted Jesus. Though he faltered, Peter managed to do something no other human has done except the God/man Jesus.


When our daughter jumped into her dad’s arms, the water felt cool and refreshing. She splashed and had fun like her sisters.


What is God asking you to do that scares you?


With me, it’s learning once again something on the internet.  I’m very tech-challenged. Change makes me anxious and fearful.


We must put on our shield of faith to protect us from the fear and then act. Chances are the Lord has a blessing waiting for us.


“Faith does not concern itself with the entire journey. One step is enough.”

-Mrs. Charles E. Cowman


Janet K. Brown About Janet K. Brown

Janet K. Brown scored a dream come true when God gave her writing as her ministry. Her women’s fiction, Worth Her Weight, released this year as a compliment to her devotion book, Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness. She lives with her husband in Wichita Falls, TX and loves to visit family and share with writers and readers.


  1. Loved this post so much, Janet, especially the definition. That is truly when we grow closer to God, isn’t it? It’s hard to see in the moment but when God sees us through we look back later and see it all so clearly.

  2. Janet K Brown says:

    Thanks, Cherie. Oh, yes, the feeling after we step out of the boat is worth it all. Why do we delay?

  3. Ann Kepler says:

    Loved your Article Janet….you are such a blessing!

  4. Laurie Driesen says:

    I meant to read this the day you posted — I’m glad I went back in to find it! Such a great post! I love how you made the point that we have to show that we trust, not just say it. There are such blessings when we trust God. I love the quote at the end, one step is enough. Sometimes looking at the whole big picture is just so overwhelming!

  5. Janet K Brown says:

    Thank you, Ann. Glad you enjoyed it. That whole Bible study was a blessing.

  6. Janet K Brown says:

    Thanks, Laurie. I had never thought so much about the correlation between faith & works, but it is important.

  7. Janet K Brown says:

    My website is You can sign on with your e-mail to get the posts. It’s set up with Feedburner. Thanks, Will. God bless.

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  10. Faith constantly tests us by allowing the Lord to be in control. Makes a difference in our lives, doesn’t it? With me fighting cancer now, I see the Lord fighting my battle. Praise the Lord!

  11. Hope the Shield of Faith helps you. I enjoyed your movie planet idea.

  12. Glad you got what spoke to your mind for how the Lord works on predikst hk

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