Lord, Get Me Out of This

Lord, Get Me Out of This

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Daniel is one of my favorite heroes in the Bible. Since I teach weight loss classes in church, we talk about Daniel’s decision to serve God in his eating. He ate vegetables and drank water, so that he might be allowed to refrain from meat offered first to idols.


Prove your servants, I beseech you, for ten days and let us be given a vegetable diet and water to drink.

                                 Daniel 1: 12 TAB


In studying about his long life in Babylon, something struck me this week, and I can’t get it off my mind. Daniel was faithful in his service to God. When the leaders attempted to find dirt on him, the only accusation they could make was that he prayed three times a day.


How I wish my life were that clean.


An arrogant foreign king overcame Israel and took young boys like Daniel as prisoners. Daniel was fourteen when he was moved to Babylon. The last we hear of him is when he is ninety-years-old.


But you (Daniel, who was now over ninety years of age), go your way until the end; for you shall rest and shall stand (fast) in your allotted place at the end of the days.

                       Daniel 12:13 TAB


Notice, though God was faithful in protecting and guiding Daniel all through his life, He never allowed Daniel to go back home. He never removed him from the bad circumstances.



I counseled a young friend last night. She needed to vent. Her work situation had become unbearable. We prayed. I advised her God might move her to another job, but He might prefer to use her in the turmoil.


We never learn as much as we do in the midst of the storm. I wish that wasn’t so, but it is.


Before I retired, my co-worker missed a lot of work, causing my load to double. Her pessimistic attitude yanked me into the depths, when my emotions were volatile without her help. I prayed that God would move her to another job, or at least change her, but day after day, my frustration grew. My retirement date came three months after she left. Coincidence? I think not. God healed me and changed me, but not her.


Daniel’s story teaches us to trust God whatever we’re going through. Sometimes, he changes our circumstances, but sometimes he uses us right where we are. The next time, we pray “Lord, get me out of this,” realize what we really need is God’s will. Can we take it? With God, all things are possible.

In the above picture from the Amarillo, TX zoo, this prairie dog strove hour after hour to get out of his cage, but he couldn’t. Is that how you feel? Talk to the Lord about it.


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Janet K. Brown scored a dream come true when God gave her writing as her ministry. Her women’s fiction, Worth Her Weight, released this year as a compliment to her devotion book, Divine Dining: 365 Devotions to Guide You to Healthier Weight and Abundant Wellness. She lives with her husband in Wichita Falls, TX and loves to visit family and share with writers and readers.


  1. What wise words you have for us, Janet! Yes! This is so good for us to remember. I am guilty of praying to be removed from bad circumstances, too. But we need to rely on Him and trust that He wants us where we are and will get us through.

  2. This was a great post, Janet! I have recently come out of a difficult circumstance, but I’m still asking God to change someone else’s opinion of me. Maybe I need to start praying for a change in my own perspective. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Janet K Brown (@janetkbrowntx) says:

    Thanks for the comment, Cherie. It’s a lesson we must learn over & over, especially if you’re a slow learner like me.

  4. Janet K Brown (@janetkbrowntx) says:

    I’m glad it spoke to you, Patti. I appreciate you. It’s hard to realize how powerless we really are over a lot of things in life, everything, in fact.

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