She Shall Not Be Moved

She Shall Not Be Moved

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Have you ever felt like everything is about to come crashing down around you? Like your drowning because of life? Like you don’t have the strength to go on?

God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved;
Be still, and know that I am God.

-Psalm 46:1, 5, 10

That is God’s promise to us when we feel overwhelmed. When we are tempted to give in to worry, stress, anxiety, and the weight of this world. Can you imagine? The God-Creator who fashioned this world and knows us intimately is the the very same God who is our refuge. Our strength. Our help.

She Shall Not Be Moved by Emilie Hendryx | Putting On The New BlogI don’t know what you may facing, but I know that I am in need. I need a rock. I need an anchor. I need a foundation. I need rescue.

You see, there’s this bad habit I have. It used to disguise itself as a helpful thing, a good trait that I was proud of. Then it got out of hand. Like weeds in the garden left untended, I found myself mired in the midst of my good intentions.

I’m a “yes-lady”. Ask me to do something (no really, just ask) and I’ll say yes. I may even say yes before you have a chance to fully explain the details. In theory, that’s a great thing. I like to be helpful and supportive. In practice it looks like me running around with a crazed look on my face and heavy bags under my eyes from lack of sleep.

There have been a few times in my life where I’ve found the courage (yes, it does take that for me) to say no. Most of those times I’ve felt awful. What? Did you expect me to say that it was the best decision and I turned around, leaping for joy through a field of wildflowers? No, it was more like running away. What I experienced was anxiety–but it wasn’t due to the fact that I said no. It was directly related to the fact that I had to deny myself.

When I say yes, a lot of the time it’s because I don’t want to dissapoint someone by saying no. I’m afraid. Afraid of what people will think if I “let them down”. In reality, I’m not letting anyone down and I’m actually establishing healthy boundaries, but with my “can do” mindset, I can’t bear the thought of others thinking I “can’t do” something. With this realization, I had to take a step back and let God prune me. As we know, cutting things away is never fun.

The price of growth usually requires pain.


She Shall Not Be Moved by Emilie Hendryx | Putting On The New Blog

by Morgan Sessions

I know I’ve painted a dismal picture, but I tell you these things to take you on a journey with me. Look at our verse again, “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved”(v5). Let’s first establish that the “her” mentioned here refers to Zion. As my handy-dandy reference Bible points out, God has chosen Zion as His holy habitation, a place where His people can come to Him through worship. Though I’d like to claim this for “all the ladies” it’s more general than that.

We, His people, are supposed to come to the Lord for our strength. As we see through this whole psalm, God promises that He will be with us and that we shall not be moved–because of Him. God promises to help us.

BUT, before you charge off into your next-big-thing, realize this is not a promise for us “yes-ladies” (assuming I’m not alone here?) to tackle everything and anything. You know how I know that? Verse 10: “Be still, and know that I am God.” As we read through Psalm 46 it becomes clear that, though God is establishing Himself as our strength and help, He is doing it for His glory! It even talks about the things He’s already done (v8-9) as evidence that He is worthy to give us aid.

What does this mean for us?

She Shall Not Be Moved by Emilie Hendryx | Putting On The New PostWe have help.

No matter what it may feel like, we are not alone. God’s promises are clear here and He never goes back on His word. Stop trying to live this life on your own. Ask Him for help and He will answer.

We need His wisdom.

Don’t try and figure out how to change your life on your own. Let God enter in and show you where you need to cut back. Remember, He prunes with love and gentleness only for your benefit and His kingdom work (Romans 8:28).

We must trust Him.

We read here that even if the mountains fall into the sea or if everything we know and understand collapses into ruin, God remains. He is stable. He is loving. He is trustworthy. And the best part? He asks us to come and see His works as proof(v8).


Slow down. Take time to consider and pray about saying yes to things. Hear the heartbeat of your Maker and agree to accomplish the things that He impresses on you. And take heart in the fact that our God and helper is powerful and strong, and He desires to establish us–His beloved.

With God in our midst, we shall not be moved!


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  1. Tina Dorward says:

    Thanks for a great post Emilie. I especially liked your line, “The price of growth usually requires pain.” Ain’t that the truth! I too have struggled at times with setting boundaries and saying no. I truly enjoy helping others just like you. I learned the hard way that saying no sometimes allowed me to say yes to things that renewed my spirit. Thank you for the great reminder.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Tina! And yes, I need to remember this–almost every day! I’m glad it could be encouraging 🙂

  3. Great post, Em :). I’ve seen the Lord grow you in this area and I appreciate your transparency in this post about what He’s teaching you. As I read your post, I related lots of what you said – even people who find it easier to say “no” struggle with the things you discussed. As I read, I was reminded that so often we end up disappointing others or “letting them down” when we commit to so much and can’t do everything we’ve said yes to. I’ve seen this in my own tendency toward being busy and saying yes to too much; something will lack in quality or I’ll burn out before I can follow through with a commitment I previously said yes to. When I have to go back on my word of saying “yes” because I actually cannot handle it all, well it’s a worse feeling than I anticipated it would be if I had said “no” in the first place. Ah the tangled web we weave. Thankfully we are in this walk together in Christ. Love you, friend!

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