Interview With Putting on the New Writer Tina Dorward

Interview With Putting on the New Writer Tina Dorward

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It’s funny where life takes you and the people you meet. I first met Tina Dorward years ago at a job, we both moved on to other jobs, lost touch, and reconnected through social media. Now here she is writing her heart out and I’m enjoying learning about her in a whole new way. Surely a God thing!

Enjoy this short interview with her.


Which Bible verse do you find yourself going to most often and why?

I really have several verses I turn to depending on what I’m struggling with or might need encouragement for but I guess the series of verses I tend to highlight often are found in Ephesians 6:11-18. These verses speak to all that God has provided for us, the full armor of God, and the reminder that the battles we face are against the spiritual forces of evil not against each other. I like these verses because it points out how God has given what we need but we need to put it on/use the weapons He has provided. I also like the imagery it offers because it reminds me it is a battle and God is right there with me when I use His weapons.

What’s your favorite way to connect with God?

I love nature and feel most close to God through His creation, especially the majesty of a sunrise or sunset and the beauty and power of an ocean but I’ll take anything outdoors! I also feel most close to God when I am praying with others as I feel His Holy Spirit speak through me.

What advice would you give your younger self?

This is as tall as you’re going to be so you better get used to it!

Seriously though, I would tell myself God desires a relationship not religion because I think if I knew then what I understand now, I would have lived my high school and college days very differently.

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Cherie Burbach About Cherie Burbach

Cherie Burbach is the founder of Putting on the New. She is a poet, mixed media artist, and freelance writer. She's written for, NBC/Universal,, Christianity Today, and more. Her latest book is: Art and Faith: Mixed Media Art With a Faith-Filled Message. For more, check out her website.


  1. Tina Dorward Tina Dorward says:

    Thanks Cherie! Glad we reconnected too!

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