Spiritual Listening Lessons

Spiritual Listening Lessons

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Early in my career as a speech pathologist I came to a conclusion, and I still stand by it today. Almost every child I came in contact with needed to improve their listening skills even if they didn’t have language or learning problems. I could go into the reasons but that’s not my point. By listening skills I don’t mean being compliant and doing what you want them to do (but that would be nice!). I mean hearing, processing, and understanding what is being said.

But what about us as Christians? Do we have a deficit in our listening skills as well?  Do we find it difficult to understand what God is saying to us? I know that’s true for me more than I care to admit it. Hearing is a physiological process, but listening is a learned process.  And the good news is that since it is a learned process, we can improve our listening skills.

Listening is intentional. If you want to hear from God more often, tell Him. Pray about it and ask Him to make His voice known to you. Meditate on listening to God’s voice. The more you listen for Him, the more you will “hear” him.

Pay attention. God has many ways to speak to us: through the Bible; through people; and certainly through promptings of the Holy Spirit. .Learn to listen to them.

You can’t hear when you’re doing all the talking. This is one of the first listening rules I teach to my students. You can’t hear when you’re talking. Learn to spend time quietly with God, listening.

Test and Evaluate. I always encourage my students (and myself, now that I have a hearing loss) to ask questions to make sure you heard right. When it comes to spiritual listening, this is between you and God. Ask Him to give you peace about the message. He will be faithful in this step. He wants you to have confidence in the messages He gives.

Once you hear his voice, obey it. God gives you messages to encourage, support, and help us to make good decisions. In other words to improve our life in all sorts of ways. It does no good to hear from God if we do not obey it.

One thing I’ve learned as a speech pathologist is that improving listening skills is a process. We get better at it the more we practice. I believe that’s true for spiritual listening as well. Keep praying, listening, and don’t get frustrated. The more we use our spiritual ears, the more we will hear from God.

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