Child of the One True King

Child of the One True King

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For Christmas this year, I bought my sister and niece tee shirts that said, “Hello My Name Is” from the Matthew West song. (He’s got ’em on his website.)

child of the one true king

This song, in case you’re not familiar, talks about the labels we give ourselves, like “stupid” “failure” or “mistake.” Or maybe someone else gave you these labels, and you kept them in your heart as if it was your destiny. The message of this song says that your label is “Child of the One True King,” and not the negative things you’ve called yourself.

It’s a powerful song. I can relate to it. My sister gave me two of West CDs and I’ve played them over and over. She said his words reminded her of my poetry, and I think that’s because he takes these fears and experiences we’ve all had and creates a positive message out of it.

But there’s been a revolution of sorts with this song, and I’m seeing the words “Child of the One True King” all over, like on Twitter profiles, Facebook, blogs. People are using these words to describe themselves, and what an amazing blessing to see. Isn’t it something that we can look at a stranger, see these six short words, and know that we are brothers and sisters in Christ? It really is that simple, that as varied our backgrounds and experiences, in the end these six words are really all that is important.

But it’s more than that. I think many of us are desperately looking for parenting. We need the comfort and encouragement we didn’t get as children. We need someone to look at us and see our value so we can finally see it ourselves. This song reminds us that we aren’t the children of some lesser god, some being filled with fault. Our God, our Father, is the One True King.

Check out his amazing video and song with this message:

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