The Psalms Were Hiding In My Egg Carton Today

The Psalms Were Hiding In My Egg Carton Today

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It’s funny how you can look at something a hundred times, and suddenly you see it differently. One day, as if the heavens had opened and the sun beamed down in just the right way, you finally notice something that’s been in front of your face all along. Only now, it’s different to you.


That’s what happened yesterday with these eggs. I buy my eggs at Aldi and have for years. I’ve never noticed that their brand of eggs (Goldhen) included a Bible verse on them, namely, this one from the Psalms:

This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalm 118:24 

But yesterday, I was stressed, getting ready for a conference and a pitch and a craft fair, and I was daydreaming. I had these older eggs that I was getting ready to boil and as the water ran from the tap I zoned out for a moment. When I finally looked down at the open egg carton I saw this verse.

Reading this verse made me so insanely happy. As if He was standing right there in my kitchen, giving me a nudge to just let it go and give those worries to Him one by one.  I pictured him for a moment, collecting my thoughts like a farmer would his chicken’s eggs, gently lifting them into his basket so he could make something wonderful with them later.

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  1. Emily Cole says:

    May we always find the little reminders tucked in here and there. God is constantly near us, and we need to help others remember that.

  2. Thank you for the Psalm that is in the egg carting we love the psalms Thank you again.
    C.E. Simms

  3. I wish I had memorized more of the Bible when I was very young. It is there for us, as He is always there for us, but our minds are so full of busy earthly matters and we don’t hear the scriptures enough.

  4. So true, Cheryl! But I think God keeps teaching us throughout our lives. So even when we don’t read much of it when we are young, He walks us through verses as we get older, showing us the meaning in them along with the lessons that apply to our lives.

  5. Yeah, let’s not thank the farmer or the driver or the retailer, just god, because we can’t see him even though we can see the works of everyone else. Pathetic.

  6. WE do not feel this is the proper place for PSALMs- not everyone who buys eggs is christian. THE LORD BE WITH US ALL !!!

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