Audrey Ko


Audrey currently lives in the northwest suburbs of Chicago with her husband, John (since 2012), and their cat, Aslan. Audrey’s main ministry at church is worship. She has been serving in churches as a worship leader since 2007, and has been serving at her local church since 2013. At her blog, Audrey seeks to encourage Christians to renew their spirits day by day through the Bible, prayer, praise, and daily life. You can read more about Audrey on her blog, The Things Unseen.

Other things you didn’t know you needed to know about Audrey:

  • By the time Audrey was thirteen, she moved thirteen times across three different continents and three states within the US.
  • She actually didn’t want to own a cat; it took three, long months for her husband, John, to convince her. Now she can’t bear being separated from Aslan for more than a day.
  • She loves museums (particularly art museums) and can easily spend hours without realizing it.
  • She’s an INFJ meaning that she loves her alone time, sometimes makes impulse decisions, hates being late to meetings/events, plans every minute of her day, but ultimately rolls with the punches.
  • She’s been saved by grace, and desires to share God’s love with others.

For more information, check out Audrey’s blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest pages.