Alyssa Kristine


Alyssa is a Wisconsin native, older sister to six siblings, and disciple of the Lord. She heard the Lord calling her name from a young age, long before she even knew who He was, but rebellion was her second nature. Even after answering the Lord’s call at age 15, she still chose to walk with one foot in the world. Her lukewarm attitude ultimately left her lifeless as she crumbled from the chains of depression, anxiety, self-injury, and drug addiction; homeless, hopeless, and desperate, she surrendered and rededicated her life to the Lord in early 2012. By steadying her foundation from the roots up through the truth of the Word and fellowship of the church and readily preparing for whatever the Lord wills, she strives to portray the redemptive love of Christ more each day. Her dream is to be a wife and mother through foster care and adoption.