My Mother’s Wisdom

My Mother’s Wisdom

My mom passed away six years ago. Today would have been her 100th birthday. How I wish she was still here so I could bake her traditional birthday meal of lasagna and German chocolate cake. Every year I wonder if the angels bake special birthday meals in heaven, but I’m guessing that day doesn’t mean much when we stand before Jesus.

I’m blessed to have a lot of my mom’s wisdom and life philosophy written in her journals so today, in her honor, I’d like to share some of the quotes she treasured and hope they offer little “thankfulness reminders” to you too:

God will always be what you need Him to be –
When you need Him to be all that you need.

God’s will
Nothing more
Nothing less
Nothing else

Success means you get up one more time than you fall down.

Life is a grindstone. Whether it grinds a man down or polishes him up depends on the stuff he’s made of.

In that order

“Hold all things loosely, so God won’t have to pry your fingers open for you to let go.” Corrie ten Boom

  1. When in a disagreement, try to see the other’s point of view.
  2. When both sides have good support, seek a compromise.
  3. When conflict persists, work it out. Don’t walk out—work it out.
  4. When all else fails, graciously agree to disagree—and get over it!    Chuck Swindoll

A man watching Mother Theresa caring for a sick person on the streets of Calcutta said, “I wouldn’t do that for a million dollars.” Mother Theresa replied, “I wouldn’t either!”

“I strongly suspect that if we saw all the difference even the tiniest of our prayers make, and all the people those little prayers were destined to affect, and all the consequences of those prayers down through the centuries, we would be so paralyzed with awe at the power of prayer that we would be unable to get up off our knees for the rest of our lives.” Peter Kreeft, Author & Boston College Philosophy Professor

My mom penned this the year she turned 90: “What if I told you I know Someone who loves you, no matter what, and wants to help solve your problems, not just the big ones, but little everyday irritations as well? His name is Jesus, and all you have to do is believe in Him, confess your sins, and ask him for forgiveness. It’s as easy as that. There’s a line in a song that says, ‘O what peace we often forfeit, O what needless pain we bear, all because we do not carry everything to God in

prayer.’ You can’t do enough good works, go to church enough, help others enough, or give enough to get to Heaven. It’s only by faith and believing in Jesus that you can be assured of going to Heaven when you die.”

As I leaf through my mother’s journals, I can’t help but ask a question I’ll pose to you as well: What words will you leave behind as your legacy?

Happy Birthday, Mom.


Becky Melby About Becky Melby

Wisconsin resident Becky Melby is the author of the Lost Sanctuary Series and a dozen other contemporary fiction titles. Married for 43 years, mother of four, grandmother to fifteen, Becky thrives on writing, reading, camping, rides on the back of a silver Gold Wing, and time with family. Connect with her at her website or Facebook.


  1. Bettilu Davies says:

    Lovely, Becky. I hope you don’t mind if I pass along some of your Mom’s quotes to our church people in the weekly bulletin. I’m sure they would be a help to our people.

    • Other than the last part she wrote when she was 90, these are all quotes she read or heard–not her original words. Please share, Bettilu–my mom would be thrilled to know the quotes she’d gathered over the years were blessing others.

  2. Thank you for sharing your mom’s thoughts . . . what a blessing to have her words, which will always linger with you.

    • So true, Janet. It feels like a blessing that comes with the responsibility to share and preserve the things that were important to her. My goal is to someday put her collected quotes and her journal entries into a book for my kids and grandkids.

  3. Thanks for sharing those wonderful memories and quotes!

  4. Thank you for sharing about your Mom. My Mama went to Heaven in 2013, one week before her 92nd birthday. I miss her so much.

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