Rejoice Evermore (I Thessalonians 6:16)

Rejoice Evermore (I Thessalonians 6:16)



For many folks, summer is a time of relaxation, time to be outside enjoying nature, resting from the busy part of the year when school activities take much of our spare time.

My children and some of my grandchildren are grown. My husband is retired, and, while we still are busy—whenever we want to be—we are not tied to someone else’s schedule. We are free to sit out in the back yard relaxing under the trees to watch nature.

Last Saturday was windy. I watched overgrown grass wave like moving water as the wind brushed its tips in an almost constant motion, while colorful leaves drifted down from the trees and skipped across the lawn. It was visual poetry.

I didn’t stay out long because, even though temperatures were in the seventies, the wind chilled me. I wanted to be out for a little while, though, because weather forecasters said that would be the last warm day of the season.

I am not a fan of winter, even though I’ve lived in the north my whole life. I have arthritis and fibromyalgia, and cold weather is sometimes hard on my body. I could complain about it—and sometimes do—but I have learned a lesson over the years.

Complaining doesn’t make me feel better. More often, it embarrasses me. It isn’t pleasant for the person I’m speaking to, either. Most of the time it is only an explanation of why I’m unable to move as fast as I’d like to. Usually, if someone is behind me, it is better to just motion them to go ahead of me, and make a joke. “I’ll catch up later. I’m slow, but I get there.”

The best compliment I receive is when someone says, “You always have a smile on your face.” Usually, they return the smile as they say it. What a wonderful gift!

“A merry heart does good like a medicine.” Proverbs 17:22a

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Bettilu Davies is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. She has authored six published books, first writing fiction for children and teens and recently branching into adult Christian fiction. She has taught piano since 1968 and enjoys reading, crocheting, knitting, paper art, and painting in oils, acrylics and water color.


  1. Thank you. I want to remember this the next time I’m freezing at a football game! I’ll enjoy family and friends. No complaining about the weather.

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