Pumpkin Gospel

Pumpkin Gospel

Who else loves pumpkins? I sure do as do my kids. Each fall I used this to teach my children about the Pumpkin Gospel. Have you heard of this? I heard it from  Liz Curtis Higgs

Bible truth: We become a new creation through Jesus and can let His light shine in and through our lives.

This is what I want my kids to know. To know that God uses us and shines through us to other people. What an amazing truth this is. The pumpkin’s outside is hard and you need a sharp knife cut through it. Sometimes, our hearts are hard like this. Life can do that to a person.

Jesus comes and cuts all the hardness out of our hearts. The stringy stuff which I can’t remember the actual name is like sin. The junk inside the pumpkin. Jesus scoops this out of us and makes us clean.

Then God starts working on us. He carves out a new heart, smile, and eyes. Those eyes are to see His work in us and around us. He gives us light inside that shines through all three of these, just like when you put a candle inside of the pumpkin. We see it in a whole night light.

In the same way, God’s transforming love can fill each of our hearts with joy and light.


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  1. Great object lesson! We used to make sure our jack-o-lanterns spelled out words like “Jesus” or “God loves you.” The kids liked the idea of the light of Jesus glowing out through the pumpkin.

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