Use Your Crayons

Use Your Crayons

On the small board beside my desk I have several inspirational quotes. One of them stood out recently, and I wanted to share it with you.

Color Christ with the crayons God gives you.

At first glance you might scrunch your forehead and exclaim, What? But take a few moments and really think on this quote. I have and if you might humor me for a few moments, I’ll share some thoughts on this quote with you.

My hubby has had times he has lost patience with me when I’ve changed career directions. However, I truly felt that each was God-nudged. And now, I definitely can look back and see how God prepared me to be where I am today.

In high school I became interested in sign language when a deaf man started attending our church. I watched the interpreter and studied sign language dictionaries. I seemed to have a knack for remembering signs. My parents and I discovered a sign language/interpretation program at a college just about an hour away from home. I went through the program and immediately upon graduation started interpreting in the local school system and university.

When my hubby and I ventured off to seminary, I was able to step right into an interpreting position in the local high school. But I soon began to exhibit symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and enrolled in a local university to gain my teacher education. After completing my master in education, I taught fifth grade. My hubby graduated from seminary and we moved to another state. I went right into teaching. This time I taught English in middle school.

God had let me use my signing crayon and then allowed me to add another hue with teaching.

When we were off to my hubby’s next church, I was able to stay home and homeschool my daughter. I wondered how I would color Christ since I was at home. But God allowed me to be His ambassador by leading me to become a published author. Now I was touching people that I might never have come into contact with.

The time came when I had to return to some type of more income-producing job since my daughter would enter college. I returned to the public education system by working as a part time teacher assistant. This allowed me to still write my Christian novels and also color Christ for those in the Pre-K program where I worked.

Be forewarned that now I must exclaim a rather cliched type statement: Recently, I was led to accept a job that it seems I’ve prepared my whole life to do. Honestly, everything I’ve ever done has prepared me and made me a perfect fit for this job. I am now interpreting in a high school full time.

God gave me these various crayons (gifts and abilities) and expects me to use them to color Christ. In other words, I am to be an ambassador for God in the place He has me right now.

I just love it when God gives me a glimpse into His plan for me. What an adventure God has created in my life! Now as I glimpse that quote on my little board, I’m challenged to continue to color a dark world with my crayons. And even though my crayons are short due to use or being broken, they can still color the picture.

Paula Mowery About Paula Mowery

Paula is a pastor’s wife, mom to a college student, author, acquiring editor, and speaker. No matter the hat she wears, she strives to honor God’s plan even if it means going out on a limb and leaving comfort zones. Reviewers have characterized her writing as “thundering with emotion.” Her book, Be The Blessing, won the 2014 Selah Award in the novella category. You can follow Paula on Facebook and learn more about her at her blog.


  1. Love this image and sentiment! This is so true, Paula. All those times we wonder if we are wandering may be God just nudging us here and there, trying to get us to have the experiences we need to do His will. I’m so glad you’ve listened to those nudges.

  2. Thank you for these insights! Your words also caused me to be thankful for having lived enough years that I can see God’s hand in my life as He handed me different crayons during different seasons. There are definite blessings to advancing age!

  3. Thanks Cherie! Isn’t it wonderful that He finds us worth nudging?

  4. Linda, it is neat to be able to look back. After turning 50 this year, I was hesitant to take on this new job until I gave it some thought. It is true what my pastor/hubby says: “You don’t retire until you expire when it comes to God’s plans.” So you just continue in the adventure!

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