Bird Watching

Bird Watching

Squawking and screeching filled the air as the mother mockingbird warned us of her displeasure at our presence near her home. Knowing her alarm was not sounded without reason, I looked around for a nest nearby. Clumps of woven straw stuck out among the green leaves of the maple branches she had chosen to raise her family.

Smaller chirps were heard a few feet away and I saw the reason for her distress. Her offspring was hopping about on the ground unable to get the tiny wings to lift its weight from the ground. Several feral cats lived in our woods nearby and I didn’t want the fluffy chick to become dinner so I ran to catch up with the escapee and placed my hands around the sweet little thing. Of course Mother was shouting her anger louder by now.

I placed the tiny mockingbird on a lower branch of the tree hidden within the leaves hoping the parent would aid the ascent back to the nest. As soon as I let go the little bird swung downward hanging upside down by its feet. I up righted the baby and let go again. Another gymnastic move replaced the position.

The fledgling finally jumped back down to the ground and started hopping away while Mother fussed overhead. I gave up and returned to the house. I couldn’t bear to watch in case the little thing didn’t make it. The next morning, I checked the tree and heard infant chirping coming from the nest area. How the mother got her young back up there I didn’t know, but all that mattered to me was the baby was safe. A few days later the nest was empty. Wings were now strong enough to carry her through the air on her own. The nest was no longer comfortable because the purpose was completed.

God watches over us protecting and warning of impending danger. He is keeping us in His loving arms nurturing His children as we grow to maturity. Spreading our wings to obey His call on our lives requires leaving our comfort zone and encroaching into the unknown. Sometimes that is scary like the little bird hopping on the ground into hostile territory.

But when we fall into the hostile territory of the world our heavenly Father is always watching over us and He will never leave or forsake us. Any time danger approaches He will be warning and protecting making sure His children are under the shadow of His wings.

He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and rampart (Psalm 91:4 NIV).


Barbara Latta About Barbara Latta

Barbara Latta’s desire is to help others find intimacy with God through a deeper understanding of the power of the Word. She writes a monthly column in her local newspaper and contributes to devotional websites and several anthologies. Her first book, God's Maps, Stories of Inspiration and Direction for Motorcycle Riders was released in March, 2018 and is available at Amazon. She serves as Chaplain for the Word Weavers Madison, Georgia chapter. Barbara posts on her blog.


  1. I’m a bird watcher, Barbara, so I enjoyed this analogy! So thankful we have a Heavenly Father who cares so deeply for us! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks, Cynthia. I also enjoy the birds and their beauty. We can learn so many lessons watching them!

  3. As I read this I thought of how we trust God to take care of our children, especially as they go out on their own as adults. The term you used, “hostile territory” is so true if this world!

  4. Yes, Laurie, we can rest in the assurance God is taking care of our children in this hostile world. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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