God and Sticky Notes

God and Sticky Notes

I would not forget you!
See, I have written your name on the palms of my hands. – Isaiah 49:15b-16a (NLT)

I should buy stock in the sticky note industry. The only trouble is, I’d be losing any profit I’d make because I may be one of the biggest purchasers of the product. 🙂

I use sticky notes to remind myself what I need to do today, next week, next month. If you visit my home you might find these bright colorful pieces of paper on my table, kitchen counter, on a mirror, on my calendar, in my purse, in the car, at my desk, beside my place on the sofa where I sit most nights, and even in the shower where my son bought me a waterproof pad of paper and a pencil.

The older I get, you might say I tend to forget things. People’s names. What I did yesterday. What I need to do tomorrow. To compensate, I use these bits of paper. Their cheerful colors draw my attention to them.

I’m thankful that God doesn’t need sticky notes to remind Himself of me. He has my name written on the palm of His hand.

He loves us. I take comfort in knowing He won’t forget me or you.


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Jodie Wolfe loves to stroll through history with the characters she creates. When not writing she enjoys spending time with her husband, reading and walking.

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