The Friend Above All Friends

The Friend Above All Friends

Most of us have had it happen…that weird moment when we realize we weren’t invited to the party or the trip or the get-together. Friends whom we thought really valued us… just…didn’t invite us…for whatever reason. Maybe they even tried to hide the event from us? We may never know. Being left out, no matter what the reason, can be painful. We think of all the possible reasons why that person didn’t want our company, but in the end it comes down to a choice we have to make. Will we believe the best? Or will we assume the worst?

Lately, this scenario seems to keep coming up in our household. (Maybe it’s because I have three teenage daughters.) Someone’s feelings got hurt. Someone “didn’t invite me.” Someone “might be mad at me.” On and on it can go. Friendship is a vulnerable commodity to try and steward at a young age. But the pain of rejection never really goes away, no matter what our age, does it?

Aren’t you grateful there is a Friend who never rejects? A Friend who never neglects to invite? A Friend who actually did everything to pave the way for a relationship with you? Oh, dear one, know that there really is such a Friend. He paid with his own life to be in a relationship with you. It just doesn’t get any more loving than that. Never again will you have to wonder if “anybody loves you” or if you “mean something” to another person. It’s been established once and for all. Jesus suffered and died to make you his friend…and so much more.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends.

John 15:13

We might not be teenagers anymore, but we still get hurt by the words and actions of those whom we love and call “friends.” Let the love of your truest Friend fuel you today to keep loving and walking in the friendships that may have hurt you recently…or even those from years ago. Jesus never leaves or forsakes us; He enables us to endure the stings we may encounter from fellow sinners. Take a moment and pray for your friendships. Pray that ultimately, you will emerge sweeter, softer, humbler, and more loving because of the relationships God gives you, bringing glory to Him no matter what.

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

Prov. 18:24

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Kristin wishes you could pull up a chair, enjoy a cup of coffee, and talk with her about how amazing Jesus is. For 33 years she has walked with her Savior, and each year is a new adventure in learning how He is always "Enough" for her, no matter what the circumstance. Kristin is wife to one loving small-church pastor, and never ceases to be amazed at the 3 daughters God has given them to raise. Her one-day dream is to write a book for women, chronicling her walk with Jesus and encouraging them to never quit pursuing the God who loves them.


  1. Oh, how I loved this post, Kristin. When I was in Sunday School I remember hearing “Jesus is your friend” and man, that was good news to me. I was a shy kid (then) and having a friend that would just be there for me always was like the best thing ever. Your post reminds me that he is STILL my friend, and will always be.

  2. Kristin says:

    Thanks, Cheri. Friendship is a big deal to me. God has been so kind to give me women along the way who seriously “get” me and love me anyhow. But really, they can only be a reflection of my truest Friend. I wish we lived closer! I’d love to get coffee with you sometime!

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