When We Walk With Our Lord

When We Walk With Our Lord

Looking at our circumstances, we don’t see God; yet He is there and is the only planner and executor of all our dreams and aspirations. God revealed this truth to great men like David. Those who lived in David’s time or who read about him in the scriptures might have attributed much of what he did to his own efforts, but David himself recognized that God was the source of his strength.

If we trust Christ too as our ultimate source of strength and power, we also can know the secret of the strongest people in the world.

I look to the mountains, where will my help come from? My help will come from the Lord, who made heaven and Earth. He will not let you fall, your protector is always awake. He never dozes or goes to sleep. The Lord will guard you. The sun will not hurt you during the day nor the moon during the night …(Psalms 121:1-6).

This was David, what about us? Where will our help come from? In contrast, we are wondering where  we stand in this world. We may not be the strongest or the greatest and our presence may not even count at all. But when we put our trust in Jesus’ power, we are assured He will never let us down. God’s strength is best seen in our weaknesses because He is in control. When we put God in control, we have nothing to fear’.

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  1. Love these verses in Psalm 121. What wonderful promises of God. Thanks for sharing, Ashlly Ruth!

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